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New Outreach PostersDr. Lai at the Red9 Science Cafe'

The Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln presented Nano Science Cafe' at Red9 featuring Dr. Rebecca Lai, assistant professor of chemistry. Lai's research involves the engineering of new or improved electro-chemical biosensing platforms to develop a portable, real-time biosensor for on-site usage. Her goal is to make a handheld biosensor similar to the glucose sensor, but for the detection of targets such as DNA and proteins. Electrochemical sensing has the potential for diverse applications, ranging from cancer detection to finding toxins, explosives and even cocaine in the body and in the environment. Assisting with Lai's talk and demonstration are graduate students Anita Zaitouna and Jennifer Gerasimov

Double REU and Lai button REU Summer 2010 Photos Dr. Lai's talk and demonstration at the Red 9

Dr. Lai gives presentation for Science Cafe

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Dr. Lai's Research