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Nanotexture 2012

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Multifunctional Oxide Heterostructures by Dr. Evgeny TsymbalXiao Zeng GroupSimple Models of Magnetism by Dr. Ralph SkomskiFEI Tecnai OsirisDussault and Schubert Nano HybridsDiscovery Could Spark Smaller, Faster ElectronicsSinitskii Graphene ResearchLu Team Precise NanostructuresXia Hong NFS Career AwardGruverman Group discovery 2012Simple Models of Magnetism by Dr. Ralph SkomskiNano Art Competition 2012

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  • Fabricating chemical solution for graphene challenges

    "When you develop a method for making graphene nanoribbons, there are two problems that you need to solve: how to fabricate very narrow ribbons with atomic precision and how to fabricate them in large quantities. The method that we developed solves both these problems. The whole process is done by wet chemistry in a flask, and, it can be easily scaled up. We can make a gram, a kilogram, essentially any amount of material that's necessary."

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Building Dedication of Voelte-Keegan Nanoscience Research Center

The Voelte-Keegan
Nanoscience Research Center
named for Nancy Keegan and Don Voelte
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Nanoscience Research Center Dedication flowers, signage

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