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M. Susan Hallbeck, Professor

M. Susan Hallbeck

M. Susan Hallbeck

Mechanical & Materials Engineering
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
W355 Nebraska Hall
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0526
Office: 402-472-2394

Research Interests

Director for the Faculty Initiative for Novel Devices for Energy and Radiation (FINDER), a NCMN-affiliated group of faculty (Shireen Adenwalla, Sina Balkir, Neil Boag, Jennifer Brand, Bernard Doudin, Peter Dowben, Susan Hallbeck and Brian Robertson). FINDER is the latest and most inclusive incarnation of the boron carbide research group, with research interests ranging from the molecular level to the ergonomics of the final detection devices with applications for homeland security. This group has recently been funded by the Office of Naval Research (Plus-Up) and the Pacific Northwest National Labs. As director, she recently submitted the “Comment on “Spectral Identification of Thin Film Coated and Solid Form Semiconductor Neutron Detectors” by McGregor and Shultis” by S. Hallbeck, A. N. Caruso, S. Adenwalla, J. Brand, Dongjin Byun, H. X. Jiang, J. Y. Lin, Ya.B. Losovyj, C. Lundstedt, D. N. McIlroy, W. K. Pitts, B. W. Robertson, and P. A. Dowben to Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment.

Director of the Innovative Design and Ergonomic Analysis (IDEA) Lab with her students she has just obtained a patent (6,676,120) on an ergonomically designed handle for a bar clamp and has just had a provisional patent filed on an articulated grasper for laparoscopic surgery with Dr. Oleynikov (UNMC). She has a courtesy appointment in Computer Assisted Surgery within the Surgery Department at UNMC. Numerous publications have been submitted in conjunction with the ergonomic laparoscopic tool design, including:


  • Brown-Clerk, B.J., de Laveaga, A.E., LaGrange, C.A., Wirth, L.M., Lowndes, B.R. and Hallbeck, M.S. Laparoendoscopic single-site (LESS) surgery versus conventional laparoscopic surgery: Comparison of surgical port performance in a surgical simulator with novices. Surgical Endoscopy, In Press.
  • Brown-Clerk, B., Rousek, J.B., Lowndes, B.R., Eikhout, S.M. and Hallbeck, M.S. Assessment of electrosurgical hand controls integrated into a laparoscopic grasper. Minimally Invasive Therapy & Allied Technologies, In Press.
  • Kong, Y.-K, Hallbeck, M.S. and Jung, M.-C. (2010). Crosstalk effect on surface electromyogram of the forearm flexors during a static grip task. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology, 20, 1223-1229.
  • de Laveaga, A.E., LaGrange, C.A., Brown-Clerk, B.J. and Hallbeck, M.S. (2010). Mechanical comparison of laparaoendoscopic single-site (LESS) surgical ports. Journal of Endourology, 24, Supplement 1, A281-A282.
  • Brown-Clerk, B.J., de Laveaga, A.E, LaGrange, C.A., Lowndes, B.R., Wirth, L.M. and Hallbeck, M.S. (2010). Evaluation of laparoendoscopic single-site surgery (LESS) ports in a validated inanimate laparoscopic training model. Journal of Endourology, 24, Supplement 1, A283.
  • Hallbeck, M.S., Bosch, T., Van Rhijn, Gu (J.W.), Krause, F., De Looze, M.P. and Vink, P. (2010). A tool for early workstation design for small and medium enterprises evaluated in 5 cases. Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing & Service Industries, 20(4), 300–315.
  • Chintapalli, N., Hallbeck, M.S., and Oleynikov, D. (2004) “Application of Ergonomic Principles in the Design of Minimally Invasive Surgical (MIS) Instruments”, Submitted to Surgical Endoscopy.Chintapalli, N., Hallbeck, M.S., and Oleynikov, D. (2004) “Effect of Tool Design and Target Location on Accuracy and Precision of Aim for Laparoscopy”, Submitted to the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics.
  • Wartenberg, C., Dukic, T., Falck, A-C., and Hallbeck, S. “The effect of assembly tolerance on performance of a tape application task: A pilot study”, International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 33(4), 369-379 (2003).
  • Hallbeck, M.S. and Kadefors, R. (2003). Chapter 10.1: Hands and Hand Tools. In, Delleman, N.J., Haslegrave, C.M., and Chaffin, D.B. (Editors), Work Postures and Movements: Tools for Evaluation and Engineering, London: Taylor and Francis, 282-304.*


  • Jeffrey Kennedy, MSIE 2003, Thesis: Human factors in hemodialysis machine alarms.
  • Nagasridhar Chintapalli, MSIE 2004, Thesis: Proprioception and aim using tools with long styluses such as laparoscopic surgical tools.
  • Jonathan Morse, UCARE Student, Biological Systems Engineering (BSE) 2002-2003. Senior Honors Thesis Advisor for: Jonathan Morse (BSE) 2002-2003.

*Note: Guest researcher at the National Institute for Working Life (Arbetslivsinstitutet) in Göteborg, Sweden each year since sabbatical 2001. She will be returning to work on funded research at NIWL for the next three summers. The latest publication from her work there was recently submitted: A comparison of muscular activity during single and double mouse clicks to the European Journal of Applied Physiology by Thorn, S., Forsman, M., Hallbeck, S. and Zhang, Q. In addition, two publications (3 & 4) came from her work there.