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Peter Dowben, Charles Bessey Professor of Physics

Peter Dowben

Peter Dowben
Charles Bessey Professor of Physics

Physics & Astronomy
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
310L Jorgensen Hall
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0299
Office: 402-472-9838

Research Interests

Peter Dowben’s research program concentrates on electronic band structure and the influence of electronics structure on various phase transitions. A large effort is directed toward the study of the electronic (bandstructure) mediated transitions in thin films and overlayers and relating these phase transitions to changes in metallicity and the electronic band structure. In particular, Peter Dowben's group is interested in the nature of the transition - the details of what drives the transition from the clearly nonmetallic to the clearly metallic phase in reduced dimensionality. There is a transition region or a "gray region" between what is clearly nonmetallic and what is metallic. This transition region is a poorly understood aspect of the nonmetal to metal transition.

Strong emphasis is placed on understanding surface and interface electronic structure and related magnetic and ferroelectric properties. The experimental emphasis is on electron spectroscopies including angle-resolved photoemission, angle-resolved inverse photoemission, spin polarized inverse photoemission and spin polarized electron energy loss spectroscopy. Other techniques include low energy electron diffraction, angle-resolved thermal desorption, angle-resolved X-ray photoemission, and light polarization dependent photo-assisted thermal desorption.

Both organic (molecular) and inorganic systems are under investigation, including a variety of ferromagnets and dielectric barrier layer materials.

The research program is funded by the NSF, ONR, and DTRA.

Selected Publications:

  • H. Lu,  T. A. George,  Y. Wang,  I. Ketsman,  J. D. Burton,  C.-W. Bark,  S. Ryu,D. J. Kim,  J. Wang,  C. Binek,  P. A. Dowben,  A. Sokolov,  C.-B. Eom,  E. Y. Tsymbal, and A. Gruverman, “Electric modulation of magnetization at the BaTiO3/La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 interfaces”, Applied Physics Letters 100 (2012) 232904.
  • Lucie Routaboul, Pierre Braunstein, Jie Xiao, Zhengzheng Zhang, Peter A. Dowben, Guillaume Dalmas, Victor DaCosta, Olivier Félix, Gero Decher, Luis G. Rosa, and Bernard Doudin, “Altering the Static Dipole on Surfaces Through Chemistry: Molecular Films of Zwitterionic Quinonoids”, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134 (2012) 8494?8506.
  • Zhengzheng Zhang, Jose Alvira, Xenia Barbosa, Luis G. Rosa, Lucie Routaboul, Pierre Braunstein, Bernard Doudin, and Peter A. Dowben, “Lock and Key Adsorption Chemistry: Preferential Absorption of an Isomer of Di-iodobenzene on Molecular Films of Quinonoid Zwitterions”, J. Physical Chemistry C 115 (2011) 2812–2818; dx.doi.org/10.1021/jp110611u.
  • Ning Wu, Xi He, Aleksander Wysocki, Uday Lanke, Takashi Komesu, Kirill D. Belashchenko, Christian Binek and Peter A. Dowben, “Imaging and control of surface magnetization domains in a magnetoelectric antiferromagnet”, Physical Review Letters 106 (2011) 087202.
  • N.Wu, P. A. Dowben, "Magnetic Surface States in High Polarization Materials", Spintronics IV, edited by H. Drouhin, J. Wegrowe, M. Razeghi, Proc. of SPIE Vol. 8100 (2011) 81000T.
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  • Z. Zhang, R. Gonzalez, G. Diaz, L. G. Rosa, I. Ketsman, X. Zhang, P. Sharma, A. Gruverman, P. A. Dowben, "Polarization Mediated Chemistry on Polymer Ferroelectric Surfaces", J. Phys. Chem. C 115 (2011) 13041-13046.
  • L. Kong, F. Chesneau, Z. Zhang, F. Staier, A. Terfort, P. A. Dowben and M. Zharnikov, "The Electronic Structure of Aromatic Monomolecular Films - The Effect of Molecular Spacers and Interfacial Dipoles", J. Phys Chemistry C 115 (2011) 22422-22428.
  • Zhengzheng Zhang, Rosette González, Gerson Díaz, Luis G. Rosa, Ihor Ketsman, Xin Zhang, Pankaj Sharma, Alexei Gruverman, and Peter A. Dowben, “Polarization mediated chemistry on polymer ferroelectric surfaces”, J. Phys. Chem. C 115 (2011) 13041-13046.
  • V.T. Adamiv, Ya.V. Burak, D. Wooten, J. McClory, J. Petrosky, I. Ketsman, Jie Xiao, Ya.B. Losovyj, and P.A. Dowben, “The Electronic Structure and Secondary Pyroelectric Properties of Lithium Tetraborate”, Materials 3 (2010) 4550-4579; doi: 10.3390/ ma3094550.
  • Lingmei Kong, Cameron Bjelkevig, Sneha Gaddam, Mi Zhou, Young Hee Lee, Gang Hee Han, Hae Kyung Jeong, Ning Wu, Zhengzheng Zhang, Jie Xiao, P. A. Dowben, and Jeffry A. Kelber, “Graphene/substrate charge transfer characterized by inverse photoelectron spectroscopy”, J. Physical Chemistry 114 (2010) 21618-21624
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  • Celebrating 20 years of Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter—in  honour of Richard Palmer, edited by David Ferry, Peter Dowben, and  John Ingelsfield, J. Phys. Cond. Matter 21 (2009).
  • J. A. Colón Santana, R. Skomski, V. Singh, V. Palshin, A. Petukhov, Ya. B. Losovyj, A. Sokolov, P.A. Dowben, and I. Ketsman, “Magnetism of Cr-Doped Diamond”, J. Applied Physics 105 (2009) 07A930, republished in the March 23, 2009 issue of Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology.
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Patent (14 total):

  • Anthony N. Caruso, Jennifer I. Brand, Peter A. Dowben, "Boron carbide particle detectors", United States Patent 7,368,794, issued May 6, 2008.

Doctoral students (33 total):

ZhengZheng Zhang, Ph.D.
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nebraska, 2011
Thesis: “The interplay between symmetry and static dipoles with adsorption on molecular substrates”
Now: journalism student at the U. of Missouri - Columbia
Student prizes: University of Nebraska Outstanding Graduate Student award, honorable mention (2011)

Jing Liu, Ph.D.
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nebraska, 2011
Thesis: “Photofragmentation Processes of the closo-Carboranes and the Local Structure of TransitionMetal Doped Semiconducting Boron Carbide Thin Films”
Now: staff, Center for Advanced Materials and Devices, Louisiana State University
Student prizes: Chinese National Award for Outstanding Students Studying Abroad (2011)

Ning Wu, Ph.D.
Ph.D., Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nebraska, 2009
Now: post-doctoral associate with the University of Nebraska

Jie Xiao, Ph.D.
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nebraska, 2009
Now: post-doctoral associate with the University of Erlangen with Hans-Peter Steinrück

David Wisbey,Ph.D.
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nebraska, 2008
Now: assist. Professor, St. Louis University

Carolina Ilie, Ph.D.
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nebraska, 2008
Now: assistant Professor of Physics, State University of New York at Oswego

Danqin Feng, Ph.D.
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nebraska, 2007
Now: post-doctoral associate, Department of Physics, University of California at Santa Barbara, with Alan Heeger

Snjezana (Snow) Balaz, Ph.D.
College of Engineering, University of Nebraska, 2007 (with Prof. Jennifer Brand); M. Sc. Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nebraska
Now post-doctoral associate, Department of Electrical Engineering, Ohio State University

Luis Rosa, Ph.D.
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nebraska, 2005
Now: assistant Professor of Physics, University of Puerto Rico-Humacao

Anthony Caruso, Ph.D., Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nebraska, 2004
Now: associate Professor of Physics, University of Missouri - Kansas City, and visiting scientific staff at North Dakota State University Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering

Hae-Kyung Jeong, Ph.D. 2003, Now Research Assistant Professor, Sung Kyung Kwan University.

Rui-Hua Cheng, Ph.D. 2002, Now Assistant Professor of Physics at Purdue University - Indianapolis.

Takashi Komesu, Ph.D. 2002, Now staff at Spring–8.

Bo Xu, Ph.D. 2002, Now Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics, Yanjing University.

Camelia Borca, Ph.D. 2001, Now a staff member at the Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland.

Dr. Dowben's Research