Faculty - Hanna

Milford Hanna

Dr. Milford A. Hanna, Professor Emeritus
Kenneth E. Morrison Professor
Director, Industrial Agricultural Products Center
Biological Systems Engineering
211 L. W. Chase Hall
Office: 402-472-1413

Current Research

  • Value-added process engineering
  • Investigations of changes in starches, proteins and lipids and their interactions as a result of high-temp, short-time extrusion cooking
  • Uses of agricultural commodities in applications such as starch-based "plastic" polymers
  • Uses of vegetable oils and animal fats in biofuel and lubricant applications
  • Extrusion processes for production of levulinic acid, microcrystalline cellulose and modified starches
  • Use of plant residues and other waste streams for biopower generation

Recent Publications

Fernando, S. and M.A. Hanna. 2005. Design and development of a threshing chamber and pneumatic conveying and cleaning units for soybean harvesting. Trans. of the ASAE. JSN 13608.

Fernando, S. and M.A. Hanna. 2005. Biodiesel as an amphipile in E-diesel and phase behavior of EB-diesel microemulsion systems. Trans. of the ASAE. Submitted 2/24/04. PM-05215-2004.R1. Accepted 5/13/05. JSN 14507.

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Kim, K.M., J.A. Ko, J.S. Lee, H.J. Park and M.A. Hanna. 2005. Effect of modified atmosphere package on the shelf life of coated, whole and sliced mushrooms. Food Science and Technology/LWT. In press 3/15/05. JSN 14614.

Book Chapters

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