Faculty - Mei

Dr. Wai Ning Mei

Dr. Wai Ning Mei, Milo Bail Professor
Physics, UNO
University of Nebraska-Omaha
60th & Dodge
Omaha, Nebraska 68182-0266
Office: 402-554-3729

Research Interests

Dr. Wai-Ning Mei’s research areas include: molecular dynamics studies of alkali halides and molecular solids, total energy electronic calculation of the ferroelectric polymers and highly correlated systems, electron structures of the nano-structures, surface structure determination, multiple-scattering analysis of the low-energy and photoemission spectra, neutron scattering from flux lattice in the type-II superconductors, lattice dynamics of long chain polymers, rotation and vibration spectra of the adsorbed molecules, and application of variational methods to the anharmonic, weakly bounded, tightly bounded, and double-well potentials. Specific computation techniques include lattice dynamics, molecular dynamics, multiple-scattering method, first-principle full-potential linear-augment-plane-wave (FLAPW) method, and self-consistent atomic deformation (SCAD) method together with the SMODES symmetry-analysis software packages.


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Jing Lu, Jiaxin Zheng, Lu Wang, Qihang Liu, Hong Li, Ruge Quhe, Dapeng Yu, Wai-Ning Mei, Junjie Shi, and Zhengxiang Gao, "Sub-10 nm Gate Length Graphene Transistors: Operating at Terahertz Frequencies with Current Saturation", Sci. Rep. (2013) accepted.

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Synergistic Activities

  • Provided mentored undergraduate research training opportunities for undergraduates at the University of Nebraska-Omaha with publications in the Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics.
  • Provide mentored graduate research training opportunities for visiting graduate students from the Peking University, China (Students are supported by the Chinese Education Ministry). (Students are supported by the Chinese Education Ministry, 2007 to present with publications in the referred journals, such as Small, Nano Letters, and J. of Chem. Phys, etc.)

Papers in Refereed Archival Journals: 132
Invited Conference Presentations: 15
Conference Proceeding Papers: 105
Invited Colloquia and Seminars: 28

Graduates and Current Affiliations

X.C. Zeng (University of Nebraska–Lincoln); C.L. Cheung (University of Nebraska–Lincoln);
P.A. Dowben  (University of Nebraska–Lincoln); F. Namavar (University of Nebraska Medical Center); R.W. Smith (University of Nebraska at Omaha); R.F. Sabirianov (University of Nebraska at Omaha); L.L. Boyer, Naval Research Laboratory); M.A. Van Hove (City University of Hong Kong).
E.W. Prohofsky (Purdue University); D.E. Ramaker (Naval Research Laboratory);
S.Y. Tong (City University of Hong Kong); Y.C. Lee (State University of New York at Buffalo)

Graduate and Postdoctoral Advisors
Postdoctoral Advisor: E.W. Prohofsky (Purdue University); D.E. Ramaker (Naval Research Laboratory)
S.Y. Tong (City University of Hong Kong)
Ph.D. Thesis Advisor: Y.C. Lee (State University of New York at Buffalo)

Thesis Research Advisor and Postgraduate-Scholar Sponsor:
Undergraduate Students: J. Koch, C. Schuck, B. Wacker, E.R. Hedgahl, T.L. Johnson III, S.E. Schnell, A. R. Ward, Benjamin Floyd, Amanda Ludes, Allan Ostle, Oren Varkony, and Chia Moua
Graduate Students: Chiapin Sun, Guangfu Luo, Jing Zhou, and Hong Li
Previous Postdocs: Chungang Duan, Jianjun Liu, Weiguo Yin, Guangping Li, Jing Lu, Alexander Rubenstein, Lu Wang, Nabil Al-Aqtash, and Florin Apostol.