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Suzanne Rohde

Suzanne L. Rohde


Department of Mechanical Engineering
126 N Walter Scott Engineering Center
Phone: (402) 472-7680
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Current Research

    The thin films research group, under the direction of S.L. Rohde, focuses on deposition and characterization of thin films of wear-resistant materials, superlattice structures, transition metal nitrides/oxides/borides and piezoelectric oxide ceramics. Facilities include several custom designed UHV dual-unbalanced magnetron sputtering systems which allow for detailed in-situ study of single and polycrystalline thin film growth by mass spectrometry, ellipsometry, and plasma probe studies – The aim being to develop tailorable thin films under well defined deposition conditions. Detailed knowledge of the growth processes and the ability to simulate industrial processing conditions provide the linkages necessary to develop coatings that can be readily scaled for industrial usage.
The lab group is also deeply involved in the testing and design of testing instruments for thin films, and as such, is well equipped with a variety of instruments for tribological, microstructural, and chemical characterization of thin films, including a sliding-reciprocating wear tester and scratch adhesion test system developed in-house. Dr. Rohde’s group collaborates industrially with several firms in the development of thin film sputtering equipment and processes, including MKS, Advanced Energy, Materials Science, Caterpillar, and Chemfit (Sweden). The research activities of the group are also supported by industrial and governmental funding, including grants from NSF, AAAS, TFR (Swedish NSF equivalent) and NATO.

Recent Key Publications

T. Z. Gorishnyy, L. G. Olson, M. Oden, S. M. Aouadi, and S. L. Rohde, “Optimization of Wear-Resistant Coating Architectures using Finite Element Analysis”, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A 21, 332 (2003).

Aouadi, S.M., J. Chladek, F. Namavar, N. Finnegan and S. L. Rohde, “Characterization of Ti-based Nanocrystalline Ternary Nitride Films”, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 20(5), 1967 (2002).

Aouadi, S.M., T. Gorishnyy, F. Namavar, and S. L. Rohde, “Characterization of TiBN Films Grown by Ion Beam Assisted Deposition”, Surface and Coating Technology 160,145 (2002).

Aouadi, S.M., T.Z. Gorishnyy, D.M. Schultze, and S. L. Rohde, “Control and Montioring of Chromium Nitride Coatings Using In-Situ Spectroscopic Ellipsometry”, Surface and Coatings Technology 153, 1–9 (2002).

Recent Graduates and Current Affiliations

· Taras Gorishnyy, M.S. 2002, currently a Ph.D. student at M.I.T. Thesis: “Optimization of multilayer CrN and nanocomposite CrBN coating architectures for wear resistant applications”.
· Denise (Hornyak) Schultze, M.S. 2001, currently with Intel. Thesis: “Growth and Characterization of Multi-layered Cr-N and CrBN single layer Thin Films Produced by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering”.
· Dorina M. Mihut, M.S. 1999, currently a Ph.D. student at UNL. Thesis: “Ellipsometric and Finite Element Modeling of Chromium Nitride Thin Films.”
· Scott R. Kirkpatrick, M.S. 1999, currently with Rose-Hulman University. Thesis: “Ellipsometric Process Monitoring and Control in Reactive Sputtering of Thin Films”.
· M. Lalani Kuruppu, M.S. 1997. Thesis: “Low-Energy Ion Bombardment Effects on Microhardness and Elastic response of Sputter Deposited Cr/Cr2N, Cr/CrN, and Cr2N/CrN Multi-layer Coatings”.