Faculty - Sabirianov

Dr. Renat Sabirianov

Dr. Renat Sabirianov, Associate Professor
Physics Department - UNO
University of Nebraska-Omaha
125 Durham Science Center, 60th & Dodge
Omaha, NE 68182-0266
Office: 402-554-3720

Research Interests

  • Magnetic and transport properties of heterostructures of nanoscale size.
    a)     Transport properties of nanowires, nanocontacts, and ferroelectric (molecular) tunnel junctions.
    b)     Transition metal clusters embedded in nonmagnetic matrix: magnetization, cluster-cluster interactions, anisotropy.
  • Simulation of the growth of self-organized magnetic nanostructures. Modeling of the diffusion processes and growth on strained surfaces. Strain assisted phase segregation on the surface.
  • Micromagnetic studies of nanostructured magnetic thin films.
  • Surface properties of TM oxides (ZrO2, TiO2 etc.) Superhydrophilic/hydrophobic surfaces.
  • Molecular Electronics.
  • Magnetic Semiconductors.

Research topics include:

  • Piezomagnetic antiperovskite materials and heterostructures. In collaboration with Kirill Belaschenko (UNL).
  • Electron and spin transport in magnetic nanowires and nanocontacts. In collaboration with E. Tsymbal and A. Sokolov (UNL).
  • Electroresistive properties of Metal-Insulator heterostructures. In collaboration with A. Sokolov (UNL).
  • Ferroelectric properties of thin films.  In collaboration with E. Tsymbal (UNL), W. N. Mei (UNO)
  • Surface properties of TM oxides (ZrO2, TiO2) Superhydrophilic/hydrophobic surfaces.  The objective is to develop surfaces of materials with good wear (tough and with low friction) for orthopedic implants. In collaboration with Fereydoon Namavar (UNMC).
  • Adatom diffusion and growth processes on metal surfaces.  In collaboration with K.J. Cho, (UT Dallas).
  • Finite temperature properties of magnetic materials: Ab-initio Monte Carlo simulations.
  • Theory of magnetic properties of rare earth compounds: current studies are focused on the parameters controlling interface coupling in exchange spring magnets. In collaboration with Qiming Zhang and Ping Liu (UT, Arlington, TX).
  • Magnetic properties of 3d metals and their alloys, exchange interactions, spin density excitations and waves.
  • Magnetic properties of nanostructures: The effects of the size of the nanoparticles and surface termination are examined using first-principle methods in combination with finite temperature classical Heisenberg model Monte Carlo simulations. In collaboration with Hao Zeng (SUNY Buffalo, NY).


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