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Dr. Evgeny Tsymbal

Dr. Evgeny Tsymbal
Director, Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
George Holmes University Distinguished Professor
Physics & Astronomy
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
W310B Jorgensen Hall
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0299
Office: 402-472-2586
Fax: 402-472-2879
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Research Interests

The research program of Evgeny Tsymbal is focused on the fundamental understanding and the prediction of new functional properties of nanoscale magnetic and ferroelectric materials and structures relevant to device applications such as sensors, memories and storage. First-principles calculations along with model approaches are employed to address a wide range of immensely challenging problems on different levels of complexity. An important ingredient of the research is a strong link to experimental investigations being performed at the University of Nebraska and in other academic and industrial laboratories throughout the world.

Some of the recent research activities include:

  • two-dimensional electron gases at oxide interfaces
  • spin-dependent tunnelling and tunnelling magnetoresistance;
  • resonant effects in quantum transmission involving interface and defect states;
  • spin injection into semiconductors;
  • electronic and atomic structure of ferromagnet/organic interfaces;
  • interlayer exchange coupling in magnetic layered structures;
  • ballistic conductance of magnetic nanocontacts and nanowires;
  • domain-wall resistance in constrained geometries;
  • ballistic and tunnelling anisotropic magnetoresistance in tunnel and break junctions;
  • ferroelectric properties of thin films;
  • resistive switching of ferroelectric tunnel junctions;
  • magnetoelectric effects at ferromagnet/ferroelectric interfaces.

Evgeny Tsymbal’s research has been funded by National Science Foundation, Nebraska Research Initiative, Seagate Corporation, W. M. Keck Foundation, Office of Naval Research, and Nanoelectronics Research Initiative of Semiconductor Research Corporation.



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Books, Chapters, Reviews

Evgeny Tsymbal co-edited a book "Multifunctional Oxide Heterostructures" which is published by Oxford University Press. The book is written by world-recognized scientists working in the field of complex oxides.

Handbook of Spin Transport and Materials and Magnetism