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Support for Faculty

Outreach Support for Faculty

• Administrative Support
• Broader Impacts Toolbox
• Science Kits & Posters
• Education & Outreach Options


Undergraduate Students

REU Barbosa & Binek

• Women in Physics Conference


High School Students

High School Students

• Big Red Road Show
• Epscor/NCPA/NCMN
• Women in Science Conference
• Nanoscience Camp


K-8 Students

K - 8 Outreach at Morrill Hall

• Sunday with a Scientist
• Bright Lights E-Camp




Highschool Teachers

Outreach for High School Teachers

• Workshops
• American Association of    Physics Teachers - Nebraska



Community Outreach for NCMN

• Astronomy Day
• Osher Lifelong Learning Inst


Education & Careers

Education and Careers Outreach

• Careers in Nanoscience
• UNL Nano-Related Courses


Media Resources

Media Resources

• Nano You Tube Videos
• Childrens Websites
• Other Educational Resources


The Nebraska Center of Materials and Nanoscience now offers additional outreach help, including some administrative services to NCMN faculty members in fulfilling the Broader Impacts outreach component in NSF grants. Please also see the following information addressing outreach:
1) Scientists in Science Education Article 2) Broader Impacts Toolbox 3) Broader Impacts Criterion/Activities/Sample Questions 4) Potential Outreach Partnerships available at UNL and throughout the state.

UNL Nano-related courses offered

UNL strives for excellence in both undergraduate and graduate education in the materials science, engineering, and nanoscience areas.  Many of the courses offered through Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics provide relevant information about these topics.

Careers in Nanoscience

Nanoscale science and technology have come to have increasing impacts on our daily lives and the career opportunities in these fields are expanding rapidly.

Science Kit Library

A variety of science kits are available for faculty check-out through the Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience department office. They are excellent for teaching purposes or community science demonstrations. Please contact Terese Janovec at tjanovec3@unl.edu for a complete list.  Kits can also be ordered directly from the Institute for Chemical Education website.

NCMN Outreach Partnerships

Lincoln Public School Professional Development Workshop
This summer physic teachers from Lincoln Public School participated in a half-day "Hands-On Nanoscience" workshop covering "Planck's Constant with LEDs" and "Organic Solar Cells".  All participants received a free science kit for future classroom use. 

REU/ Summer Undergraduate Research

The Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience, the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) UNL's Graduate Studies Office, and UNL's Engineering, Chemistry and Physics Department host each summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) focused on Nanoscience areas.  Selected students spend 8-10 weeks in research labs under faculty supervision and participate in a variety of activities including Wednesdays at One (link to schedule with picture), a lecture series designed for REU students, summer visitors, undergrads and teachers that are participating in summer research.

UNL Speakers Bureau

NCMN is now working with UNL's Speakers Bureau as an outreach partner to promote Science Demonstrations in the Materials/Nanoscience area.  Faculty members can contact Barb Bowers, UNL Communications, at bbowers@unlnotes.unl.eduif they are interested in presenting science talks or demonstrations to schools and in other community venues.  The Speakers Bureau will contact schools and provide administrative and advertising help.  Travel expenses are covered.

Nano YouTubeVideos

Rice University
Nano Tec Fabric
Today Show
Nanotex Fabric
Nano Fighting Cancer
Nano Wiper
Fuel Cells
Intro to Nano
Drug Delivery

Children's Websites

Virtual Microscope
Rice University
National Nanotechnology Initiative
University of Albany
Dragonfly TV
Nanotechnology Intro

Other Educational Resources:

National Nanotechnology Initiative
Teacher Resources
Talking Nano                 
University of Wisconsin (MRSEC)
Education World
Nanotechnology Spotlight
Everyday Nanoscience