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Nebraska Science Teacher Conference / NCMN

Dr. Lai at NATS Conference 2011Dr. Zheng at NATS conference 2011Dr. Zheng at NATS Conference 2011 demonstrating NanotubesNCMN Display at NATS conference

NCMN, participated in the annual Nebraska Association of Teachers of Science conference at Fremont, Nebraska this fall where UNL faculty and NCMN staff presented information about nanoscience through hands on activities, demos, and resources. Some of the topics included carbon nanostructures, DNA, ferrofluids, magnetism, and emerging nanomaterials. One of NCMN's outreach goals is to help teachers integrate nanoscience into their classrooms while achieving state science standards. Please see information under our Professional Development Workshop links below, our NCMN Resources, and Nebraska State Science Standards.

Professional Development Workshop

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Science teachers from Lincoln Public School and other programs at UNL participated in the annual "Hands-On Nanoscience" NCMN workshop covering topics like"Planck's Constant with LEDs",  "Organic Solar Cells", “Squishy Circuits, Batteries and other Electronics”.  Prof. Steve Ducharme and his colleagues provided teaching and one on one coaching on how to use the kits to enrich and support current nanoscience curriculum.


Workshop Agenda 2012/ 2013 Workshop Powerpoint - Squishy Circuits, Batteries and other Electronics.

Workshop Agenda 2011 Workshop Videos: Part I - Do Photons Wave?, Workshop Video Part II - More About Photons!, Workshop Video Part III - Atomic Processes

Workshop Leaders
Stephen Ducharme - email:  Steven Wignall - email:

Examples of  Workshop kits are available from Institute for Chemical Education (ICE):
LED Color Strip Kit
Nanocrystalline Solar Cell Kit - 41703 Workshop Power-Point presentations.
Does Light Wave? (Planck's Constant and LEDs)
Nanocrystalline Solar Cells Exploring the Nanoworld

University of Wisconsin nanoscience outreach and education. MATERIALS AND NANOSCIENCE KITS from ICE
The University of Wisconsin nanoscience outreach and education effort makes kits available for exploring materials and nanoscience through the Institute for Chemical Education (ICE). NISENET A national community of researchers and informal science educators dedicated to fostering public awareness, engagement, and understanding of nanoscale science, engineering, and technology.

The Nebraska Chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers

Professors Steve Ducharme, Christian Binek, and Axel Enders are some of the NCMN faculty members from the Department of Physics & Astronomy who have been invited as guest speakers to Nebraska – AAPT meetings. Topics covered were Cooperative Problem Solving,  Magnetic Nanoparticles, Statistical Physics, and Magnetic Metal/Insulator Heterosystems, and Self-Assembly of Nanostructures.