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Faculty research areas include atomic manipulation, properties affected by nanoscale dimensions, self-assembly, ordered nanoarrays, quantum dots and wires, nanoelectronics, quantum computing, nanomechanics, nanooptics, nanoelectromechanical systems, and molecular design.

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Research Highlights

Jinsonh Huang
Jinsong Huang

Huang Improves Solar Cell Efficiency

Jinsong Huang, Susan J. Rosowski associate professor of mechanical and materials engineering, led a study showing that constructing a type of solar cell on a “non-wetting” plastic surface made it 1.5 times more efficient. (7/20/15)

David Berkowitz
David Berkowitz

Berkowitz Leads Catalyst Discovery

David Berkowitz, Willa Cather Professor of chemistry, led a team that has identified a new series of fructose-based ligands that impart handedness to the catalysts they help form, as well as demonstrated the ability to tune the ligands' shape. (7/10/15)

Zeng & Sinitskii
Dai, Zeng, Sinitskii, & Lipatov
Craig Chandler | University Communications
Zeng & Sinitskii Publish on 2-D Materials

Xiao Cheng Zeng and Alexander Sinitskii have led studies demonstrating that a compound called titanium trisulfide could surge toward the fore of two-dimensional materials that are gaining popularity for microelectronics. (6/23/15)