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Faculty research areas include atomic manipulation, properties affected by nanoscale dimensions, self-assembly, ordered nanoarrays, quantum dots and wires, nanoelectronics, quantum computing, nanomechanics, nanooptics, nanoelectromechanical systems, and molecular design.

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NCMN researchers have individual pages with current research and current publications listed, as well as links to individual faculty research information and department affiliations.

Research Highlights

MRSEC members
Tsymbal, Adenwalla, Enders, Binek, and Gruverman
Photo credit: Craig Chandler
NSF Grant Won for MRSEC

UNL has won a $9.6-million grant from the National Science Foundation to support MRSEC and its nanotechnology research through 2020. (4/20/15)

Alexander Sinitskii
Alexander Sinitskii
Alexey Lipatov | Courtesy photo
Sinitskii and Franke-Schubert Publish on Graphene

Alexander Sinitskii and Eva Franke-Schubert publish their findings on graphene's ability to protect nanotechnology from heat. (2/16/15)

Peter Dowben
Peter Dowben
UNL Today photo
Dowben Contributes to Solar Cell Research

Peter Dowben charts atomic activity of a solar cell material. (2/5/15)