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Nebraska Values

Increasing Profitability $30.9 Million

Adding $3 to Every Acre

Boosting Ranch Profitability by $9,800

Saving 2 Inches of Water on Crops

Cutting Irrigation Costs $9.8 Million

No-Till Knowledge Worth $9.6 Million

$4.8 Million for Green Jobs Training

Annual Impact: $267 million

$9.3M To Improve Math Achievement

70 Student-Developed Solutions

Making 500 Nebraska Workers Safer

Saving Seniors Over $3 Million

Saving Water, Saving $12 Million

Increasing Wheat Yields

Feeding 3 million More People

Investing in Disease Prevention

Engaging 135,000 Nebraska Youth

Saving Teens $1,500 A Year

Improving Water Education

Saving $2,566 Per Pesticide Application

Saving $2.6 Million on Termite Control

1000s of Hours in Community Design

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln serves the people of Nebraska by...

We are Nebraska.

79,922 alumni in the state
14,821 undergraduate students from Nebraska
5,847 employees

For 140 years, the University of Nebraska has been making Nebraska values real.

The University of Nebraska was founded in Lincoln in 1869 with the goal of the institution, as written in its charter, to "afford the inhabitants of the state the means of acquiring a thorough knowledge of the various branches of literature, science and the arts." [an error occurred while processing this directive] UNL will celebrate the 140th anniversary of its founding on Feb. 15, 2009.

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Better to Best

In Fall 2010, for the seventh-straight year, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has made U.S. News and World Report's annual evaluation of America's Best Colleges' Top 50 list of Public National Universities.  UNL is ranked near the top third of all national universities both public and private, (tied with six others at 104th), and is tied with four other universities as 47th in the "Top 50" list for public national universities. This places UNL among the top one-fourth of all public universities.

In the past five years, UNL has moved from 107th to 89th in the "Best National Universities" list and from 52nd to 40th in the "Public National" universities.