NeWP Ning

NeWP Teachers: Come Home and Join the NeWP Ning!

story by Ellen Buglewicz

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Ning page


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As part of the Nebraska Writing Project Institutes, teachers meet within small writing groups, often comprised of members formerly unknown to each other, to share their writing.  Initially, group members might chit-chat about their classrooms and the difficulties in teaching writing.  Over time, friendships materialize.  Novel teaching strategies emerge.  Writing intensifies.  Ultimately, members share their innermost hopes and fears, their triumphs and tragedies, the most private aspects of themselves. 

Unfortunately, when the Institutes wrap up, so do many of these writing groups.  Communication between members trickles away over time.  The teachers lose their emotional support system, the professional learning community, and their passion for writing.

The Nebraska Writing Project Ning was developed to reunite present and past Nebraska Writing Project Institute participants.  Both social network and professional forum, the Ning website allows Nebraska Writing Project alumni to reconnect with old friends and colleagues as well as to share professional questions, concerns, and ideas. 

Join the Nebraska Writing Project community today by visiting the website at Catch up with your old writing buddies, rekindle your love of writing, and collaborate about instructional strategies.  Discover again the magic of the Nebraska Writing Project!