Poetry of Place

Poetry of Place

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The Nebraska Writing Project sponsors the Poetry of Place event. The goal of this project is to encourage teachers of students in grades 1-12 across Nebraska to include units of poetry of place in their classrooms and to submit outstanding examples of student work that reflects an engagement with their places.  For the event, students submit their poetry and then local authors work to choose student representatives. These students then read their poetry at the Capitol event, and their poetry is published on the website of the Nebraska Writing Project.

The Nebraska Writing Project has been a leader in Place Conscious education, work that links the curricula of classrooms to local resources and family and community stories and experiences. Nebraska is fortunate to have many poets whose work celebrates local place such as Ted Kooser, Bill Kloefkorn, Twyla Hansen, Matt Mason, Marjorie Saiser and many other poets whose poetry can be read by students as examples of poetry of place.  (Read 2014 Event Story)

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Robert Brooke, Director
Nebraska Writing Project

"If you can awaken inside the familiar and discover it new you need never leave home." Ted Kooser in "Local Wonders"