1)  The Department will pay for 80 dossiers over a lifetime, unless the candidate receives a full-time job.

2)  After the three years of free service or after 80 free dossiers, the Department will charge $4.00 for each dossier mailed. This fee must be paid in advance by check or cash. (The fee is revised annually to reflect the cost of supplies and postage.) No dossier will be mailed until fee is received.

3)  Candidates must provide addressed mailing labels for each dossier to be sent out. Placement Officer will give secretary approved labels. Any emergency mailings must be directed to Placement Officer or Department Chair in case the former cannot be reached in time. Secretaries will not mail out any dossiers without Placement Officer written or oral approval.

4)  Candidates must insure that the department office has a complete dossier and mailing labels at least one week, preferably two weeks, before the dossier is to be mailed.

5)  The office staff will send materials out more quickly if time is available to do so. But it is solely the responsibility of the candidate to have materials to the office early enough to meet deadlines.