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Identification Cards - also called NCards

All students enrolling at UNL for the first time are required to obtain a Student I.D. Card. There is a $10.00 fee for the issuance of this card. For new undergraduate students and all international students the $10.00 fee for the I.D. Card will appear on the Consolidated Billing Statement. All other new students will pay the $10.00 I.D. Card fee when they are issued their I.D.Card. You will need a picture ID.

To replace either a lost or damaged Student I.D. Card, a fee of $10.00 will be assessed at the time of replacement. A $5.00 fee will be charged to replace a stolen card if accompanied by proof of theft, such as a police report or insurance claim form. To obtain the replacement card, go to the I.D. Card Office in the University Bookstore (Nebraska Union, Lower Level, City Campus), complete a replacement application form, and pay the replacement fee. Your Student I.D. Card will be issued within a few minutes. To receive a replacement Student I.D. Card, you must present one form of identification which bears a photograph of yourself. To correct a name or ID number, you must first have the change recorded at Registration and Records, 107 Canfield Administration Building.

For more information on student identification cards Ncards, contact the I.D. Card Office in the University Bookstore, Nebraska Union, Lower Level, City Campus, 472-7331, or see their website

Housing and Transportation
If your classes will not get out until after 6:00pm and you rely on public transportation, you may want to consider your housing options within walking distance from downtown.

E-mail Account
Get started on your new e-mail account here

All new graduate students will be asked to get keys for the building and Common Room (Room1038). An office key will also be required for those who have offices. Deposits vary between $5 and $15 per key depending on the security level of the door. These may be obtained at the philosophy department office, 1010 Oldfather Hall.

Health Insurance
We encourage all students to participate in the program, because similar policies from other insurers are more costly plus covered medical expenses incurred at the University Health Center are fully paid with waiver of the policy year deductible, plus dental coverage.

If you need a parking permit you will need to go to the UNL Parking and Transit Services at Stadium Drive Parking Garage Suite A. These are the items you should have before going:

1. Completed UNL parking permit application.
2. University Identification Card.
3. Verification of on-campus residency for UNL Resident Students.
4. Appropriate fee or signed payroll deduction form after payment of any outstanding citations.
5. Current state vehicle registration certificate (only if requested).