Albert Casullo Albert Casullo
Professor (Ph.D., Iowa)
1041 Oldfather Hall
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Professor Casullo teaches graduate courses in epistemology and metaphysics. His publications focus on a priori knowledge, perception, and metaphysical issues connected with particulars and universals. He is the editor of the International Research Library of Philosophy volume on A Priori Knowledge, and the author of A Priori Justification.

Curriculum Vitae

Representative publications:

A Priori Justification (New York: Oxford University Press, 2003). Now available in paperback (2005).

          Table of Contents

"Testimony and A Priori Knowledge," Episteme 4 (2007): 322-334.

"What Is Entitlement?" Acta Analytica 22 (2007): 267-279.

"Defeasible A Priori Justification: A Reply to Thurow," Philosophical Quarterly 58 (2008): 336-343.

"Analyzing A Priori Knowledge," Philosophical Studies 142 (2009): 77-90.

Review of Grounding Concepts, by C. S. Jenkins, Mind 119 (2010): 805-810.

"Analyticity, Apriority, Modality," in M. García-Carpintero and M. Kölbel, eds., Continuum Companion to the Philosophy of Language, (London: Continuum Publishing Group, forthcoming).

Essays on A Priori Knowledge and Justification (New York: Oxford University Press, 2012).

          Table of Contents

          "Intuition, Thought Experiments, and the A Priori,"

          "Counterfactuals and Modal Knowledge," 

          "Conceivability and Modal Knowledge,"

          "Articulating the A Priori-A Posteriori Distinction," 

          "Annotated Bibliography on A Priori Knowledge," 

The A Priori In Philosophy, co-edited with Joshua Thurow, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013).

          Table of Contents

"Four Challenges to the A Priori-A Posteriori Distinction," Synthese (forthcoming).