Using the Copier

  • Who Can Use the Copier?  Anyone who works in the department can charge copies to a grant number for research or teaching uses.  People who work in the Physics and Astronomy Department can make copies for personal use.  These copies are tallied approximately once a month and a bill delivered to your departmental mailbox.
  • Research- and Teaching-Related Copies.  The copy machine uses code numbers for all teaching and research accounts. These numbers are available from the office staff.  If you don’t know the grant number to use, contact your advisor or supervisor, someone in the Business Office or someone in the Department Office for assistance.
  • Personal Copies: A clipboard with a list of names and “Personal Xeroxing” across the top is located on the table next to the copy machine.  This is the place to record the personal copies you make.  Please note the number of copies very clearly under your name.  We have had problems in the past with people writing copies under other people’s names.  The list of names is in alphabetical order based on the last name.  If you do not see your name on the list, write your name and the number of copies you made at the bottom of the last page on the clipboard.

If you have a question as to whether your copies should be recorded as departmental or personal, consult the person you work for or see someone in the Department Office.

Copiers do not last forever.  A few suggestions on how to extend the life of our copier:
  • Make sure the lid is closed completely before you copy.
  • Do not copy papers that may leave marks on the glass, such as papers with white-out that is still wet.
  • Do not put ink-jet printouts in the automatic feeder.
  • Be careful not to put anything on the photocopy surface that could scratch the glass. The scratch will be reproduced on everything copied on the machine!
  • Do not use any transparencies in the photocopier that aren’t specifically marked for use in photocopiers. The photocopier uses a great deal of heat to set toner, and thin transparencies will melt in the copier, causing a gooey mess and necessitating a service call.
  • If you aren’t sure how to use the machine, ask one of the department staff for assistance.
  • If the copier needs toner, paper, etc., notify the office staff and they will handle the maintenance.
  • Unless your research is in the area of copier repair, don’t try to fix the copier if it breaks. Report all problems to the department office.