If for some unforeseen and unavoidable circumstance, such as illness or accident, prevents you from teaching your assigned classes or other TA duties, you must inform the Department Office (JH 208, 472-2770, paoffice@unl.edu) as soon as you are able. We will attempt to find a substitute. Do not cancel or dismiss the class yourself.

Under very limited circumstances, you may request to be excused from teaching to fulfill a professional obligation, such as to attend a research conference. There are three very important limitations to these excused absences. i) It is your responsibility to arrange for a suitable substitute and obtain written permission at least two weeks prior to the planned absence. ii) This option is limited to one absence for a maximum of one week per semester. iii) You may not be excused from teaching during the first or last week of classes. Under no circumstances are you to cancel, dismiss, or reschedule class. The procedure for obtaining permission is as follows.

  1. Fill out this form explaining the reason for your absence, the assignment information (course number and section, date and time, etc.), your contact information while away, the name and contact information for your substitute. These forms are available in the departmental office.
  2. Arrange for a suitable substitute who is willing and able to take your place. This substitute must be qualified to teach the class that you will be missing, preferably one of the other TAs teaching the same course. Have the substitute sign the form indicating their agreement to the arrangement. You should return the favor, soon.
  3. Obtain the permission and the signature of the appropriate supervisor (Course Instructor, Laboratory Manager, or TA Manager). Note: this is not the same as your research supervisor or academic advisor.
  4. Make four copies of the form. Keep the original, give one to your substitute, one to your supervisor, and one to the Main Office. 

Teaching Assistant Substituiton Form
Teaching Assistant Substitution Form