The Physics & Astronomy colloquia below were presented during the 2012-2013 academic year and are listed here for reference. For further information please call the Department of Physics and Astronomy at (402) 472-2770. Presentations from the current academic year can be found on the 2014-2015 Colloquia listing.

Fall 2012

Date Host Speaker Title
August 30 Snow Ilya Kravchenko
University of Nebraska
Discovery of the Higgs-like boson at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN
September 6 Ducharme Ron Synowicki
J.A. Woollam Co., Inc.
Polarization on the Prairie: The History of Early Polarimetry and Ellipsometry in Nebraska, 1900-1920
September 13 Centurion Matthias Kling
Kansas State University
Controlled Electron Acceleration from Nanoparticles and Clusters
September 20 Gay Nick Martin
University of Kentucky
Electron and Photon Impact Autoionization of Helium
September 27 Binek Micky Holcomb
West Virginia University
Magnetoelectric Interfaces, Synchrotrons and Lasers
October 5 Lee Ruckman Lecture
October 11 Hong Zhigang Jiang
Georgia Institute of Technology
Landau Level Spectroscopy of Graphene and Graphite
October 25 Bloom David Gerdes
University of Michigan
Exploring Nature's Dark Secrets: Cosmology with the Dark Energy Survey
November 8 Centurion Mike Bogan
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
The Next Decade of Single Particle Diffraction with X-Ray Lasers: Opportunities in Structural Biology and Climate Science
November 15 Gay Michael Schulz
Missouri University of Science and Technology
The Overlooked Role of Projectile Coherence in Atomic Fragmentation Processes
November 22 Thanksgiving Break
November 29 Don Umstadter
University of Nebraska
Probing Matter with Extreme Light
December 6 Luat Vuong
Queens College of CUNY
Demonstrations of Photo-Induced Magnetism in Metallic Nanocolloids Using Sunlight and Fridge Magnets

Spring 2013

Date Host Speaker Title
January 10 Snow Betsy Howe
University of Nebraska
Departmental Safety Colloquium
January 25 Gruverman Prof. Scott
The Renaissance of Ferroelectric Memories
January 31 Snow Bharat Ratra
Kansas State University
"Standard" Model of Cosmology ... and Open Questions
February 21
Fabrikant Richard Mabbs
Washington University
Anion Photodetachment Imaging: Probing Parent Orbitals and Electron-Molecule Interactions
February 25 CMP Jason Haraldsen
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Understanding the Magnetic Ground States for Improper Multiferroic Materials
February 28 CMP Pouyan Ghaemi
Institute for Condensed Matter Theory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Graphene: The Elastic Playground of Novel Electronic Phases
March 7 CMP Tanmoy Das
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Intermediate Coupling Model of Correlated Systems
March 8 Big Red Experience Dan Claes
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Just What the Heck Is a Higgs Boson?!
March 11 CMP AKM Newaz
Vanderbilt University
Tuning Electrical and Optical Properties of 2D Atomic Crystals
March 14 CMP Alexey Kovalev
University of California, Riverside
Spin Mechanics: From Single Molecule Magnets to Majorana Fermions
March 21 Spring Break
March 25 CMP Xiaohang Zhang
Magnetic Materials Group, NIST
One to Two, or to Nothing: Superconducting Spectroscopy for the Study of Electronic States
March 28 Binek Hari Srikanth
University of South Florida
Tunable Microwave Response and Other Emergent Magnetic Properties in Hybrid Nanostructures
March 29
JH 136
CMP Xiaoshan Xu
Bryn Mawr
Single Phase Magnetoelectric Multi-Ferroics: From Mechanism to Applications
April 1 CMP Eundeok Mun
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Los Alamos
Magnetic Field Tuned Quantum Criticality of Heavy Fermion System YbPtBi
April 11 Gay John Hall
Five Decades of Lasers, Six Decades of Progress, and a Proposed Space Experiment to Test Einstein’s Assumptions
April 19 Lee Susan Benecchi
Carnegie Institution
Solar System Archaeology: What we Learn from Small Bodies in our Solar System
April 19 Gruverman Seungbum Hong
Argonne National Laboratory
Visualization and Manipulation of Polarization
and Screen Charges
April 19
Public Talk
7:00 PM
Union Auditorium
Lee Susan Benecchi
Carnegie Institution
The New Horizons Mission: Pluto and Beyond
April 25 Dowben Jiandi Zhang
Louisiana State University
Why are Ultrathin Films of Metallic Oxides Nonmetallic?