Office: JH 310K
Phone: (402) 472-2788

Research Interests:

I am conducting variable star observations with the .76 m telescope at Behlen Observatory. A large photometric survey of poorly studied variable stars which has been under way for about seven years is continuing. Approximately 400 stars have been observed so far. Additionally, more detailed observations are being made of individual stars found to be of special interest in the survey.

I am also analyzing ultraviolet images obtained by colleagues at the Naval Research Laboratory using electronographic cameras which are flown on various satellites. The goal is to obtain accurate ultraviolet photometry of stars which will be applied to studies of interstellar absorption and the properties of hot stars.


George Carruthers, Naval Research Laboratory
Todd Young, Wayne State College (Wayne, Nebraska)
Kevin Lee, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Current Research Projects

  • Study of the peculiar RR Lyrae Star V442 Her.
  • Analysis of ultraviolet images of star fields.
  • Study of light curve anomalies among long period RR Lyrae stars.

Recent Results

It has been found that the RR Lyrae star V442 Her undergoes very large changes in its amplitude of variation over a period of nearly 900 days. The size of the amplitude modulation and its long period appear to be unique to this star.

Recent Publications

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