AMOP Emeritus Faculty

The AMOP physics group has four distinguished emeritus faculty who remain active in research: Emeritus Professors of Physics Paul D. Burrow, Duane H. Jaecks, and M. Eugene Rudd, and Emeritus Professor of Chemistry Gordon A. Gallup. Brief descriptions of their areas of expertise follow.

Paul D. Burrow Low-energy electron scattering processes in gases, in particular, temporary negative ion formation and dissociative attachment.

Gordon A. Gallup Theory of vibrational excitation in polyatomic molecules upon electron impact; electron scattering from chiral molecules; atomic and molecular structure.

Duane H. Jaecks Experimental measurement of electron motion and distributions in atoms formed in ion collisions and photoionization. Study of correlated motion of massive particles.

M. Eugene Rudd Optical testing of historic scienctific instruments. Cross sections for inelastic processes in ion-atom, atom-atom, and electron-atom collisions. Curator of the UNL Physics & Astronomy Historical Scientific Instrument Gallery