Theodore P. Jorgensen Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Igor Mariyenko, who worked in the Uiterwaal femtosecond laser group, is shown here studying nonlinear optical effects in air.
Postdoctoral positions exist in each AMOP research group.  To inquire about available positions in a particular group, please contact the faculty member(s) in the research area(s) you are interested in.  The AMOP physics group has been selected by the University for priority funding, part of which is allocated to enhancing postdoctoral appointments in the group.


  Herman Batelaan
  Office: JH 075
  Phone: (402) 472-3579
  Martin Centurion
  Office: JH 079
  Phone: (402) 472-5810
  Ilya I. Fabrikant
  Office: JH 310P
  Phone: (402) 472-2774
  Timothy J. Gay
  Office: JH 073
  Phone: (402) 472-2773
  Bradley Shadwick
  Office: JH 310N
  Phone: (402) 472-3578
  Anthony F. Starace
  Office: JH 310Q
  Phone: (402) 472-2795
  Cornelis J. Uiterwaal
  Office: JH 077
  Phone: (402) 472-9010
    Donald Umstadter
  Office: BEL B58
  Phone: (402) 472-8115