Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (Nebraska MRSEC)

Shireen Adenwalla Novel interactions in Thin film magnetic systems; interactions at ferroelectric/ferromagnetic interfaces; Boron based semiconductors and neutron detection applications; using biological templates for patterned media.
Kirill Belashchenko Electronic structure and magnetism of solids; spin-dependent transport; microstructural evolution in alloys; microstructure/property relationships in magnetic materials.
Christian Binek Magnetic heterostructures, molecular beam epitaxy, extrinsically controlled exchange bias & spintronic applications, fundamental aspects of thermodynamics studied with magnetic model systems.
Peter A. Dowben Electronic (band) structure across electronic phase transitions in reduced dimensionality.
Stephen P. Ducharme Design and study of polymers; development of a self-calibrating ellipsometer; ultrathin ferroelectric polymer films; photorefractive and xerographic polymers.
Axel Enders Magnetism and electronic properties of nanostructures formed by self-assembled growth, low- and variable temperature scanning tunneling microscopy, magneto-optics, magnetic dichroism with x-rays
Alexei Gruverman The group research is focused on fundamental studies of nanoscale physical phenomena in electronic and polar materials by means of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) techniques.
Xia Hong Epitaxial growth and nanofabrication of complex oxide heterostructures; transport studies of nanoscale and low dimensional electron systems
Roger D. Kirby Magnetism in nanostructured materials; magnetization reversal processes; magneto-optical measurements.
Sy-Hwang Liou Magnetic domain imaging; magnetic nanostructured materials and complex oxides.
David J. Sellmyer Nanoscale magnetic materials, self-assembled dots, extremely high density recording media, nanostructured high-energy product magnetic materials.
Evgeny Tsymbal Computational studies of magnetic, ferroelectric and transport properties of nanoscale materials and structures: magnetoelectric interfaces, magnetic and ferroelectric tunnel junctions, complex oxide materials




Emeritus Professors

Sitaram S. Jaswal email
Edgar A. Pearlstein email
Paul R. Byerly, Associate Professor Emeritus  


Adjunct Professors

Craig J. Eckhardt Department of Chemistry, UNL
Vladimir Fridkin Institute of Crystallography, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow 117333, Russia
George Hadjipanayis Department of Physics, University of Delaware
Wai-Ning Mei Department of Physics, UNO
John A. Woollam George Holmes Professor of Electrical Engineering, UNL
Xiao C. Zeng Department of Chemistry, UNL