Detailed Research Interests of Department Faculty

Astronomy & Astrophysics Research Interests Contact
Leung, Kam-Ching Very close binary systems; contact and near contact systems. email
Schmidt, Edward G. Variable star observations; interstellar absorption and the properties of hot stars. email
Simon, Norman (emeritus) email
Atomic, Molecular, Optical & Plasma Physics Research Interests
Batelaan, Herman Quantum optics; vacuum field interaction with atoms and electrons; decoherence in matter interferometry; field emission of electrons; storage and slowing of light; slow sound and phononic band gaps; relativistic dynamics of a charged sphere. email
Burrow, Paul (emeritus) Low-energy electron scattering processes in gases, in particular, temporary negative ion formation and dissociative attachment. email
Centurion, Martin Ultrafast science: Imaging of molecular dynamics with atomic resolution, femtosecond laser-induced ionization and plasma dynamics, nonlinear optics. Experimental methods: time-resolved electron diffraction, electron deflectometry, femtosecond optical holography. email
Fabrikant, Ilya I. Theory of electron-atom and electron-molecule collisions, electron attachment to molecules and clusters; Rydberg atom collisions, photodetachment of negative ions in external fields. email
Gallup, Gordon A. (emeritus) Theory of vibrational excitation in polyatomic molecules upon electron impact; electron scattering from chiral molecules; atomic and molecular structure.
Gay, Timothy J. Polarized electron collisions with atoms and molecules. Development of polarized electron sources and electron polarimeters. Neutrino mass measurements. Polarized photoionization of molecules. email
Jaecks, Duane H. (emeritus) Experimental measurement of electron motion and distributions in atoms formed in ion collisions and photoionization. Study of correlated motion of massive particles. email
Rudd, M. Eugene (emeritus) Optical testing of historic scientific instruments. Cross sections for inelastic processes in ion-atom, atom-atom, and electron-atom collisions. email
Shadwick, Bradley Theory of intense laser-plasma interactions with applications to plasma based particle accelerators; plasma kinetic theory; reduced plasma models; Hamiltonian structure; large-scale computation; and advanced numerical algorithms. email
Starace, Anthony F. Theory of intense laser-atom interactions; single and multiphoton detachment and ionization processes; harmonic generation; intense, short laser pulse interactions with matter; few-body dynamics; atoms in strong static fields; coherent control of atomic processes; and entanglement and decoherence of spin-based quantum information systems. email
Uiterwaal, Kees Femtosecond laser processes; optical vortices; photoionization in ultrashort and intense laser pulses; ion mass spectrometry; electron spectroscopy. email
Umstadter, Donald Nonlinear optics of high-intensity laser light in relativistic plasmas, with applications to compact particle accelerators and ultra-short duration x-ray sources. High energy density physics and extreme states of matter. email
Condensed Matter/Materials Physics & Nanotechnology Research Interests Contact
Adenwalla, Shireen Novel interactions in Thin film magnetic systems; interactions at ferroelectric/ferromagnetic interfaces; Boron based semiconductors and neutron detection applications; using biological templates for patterned media. email
Belashchenko, Kirill Electronic structure and magnetism of solids; spin-dependent transport; microstructural evolution in alloys; microstructure/property relationships in magnetic materials. email
Binek, Christian Magnetic heterostructures, molecular beam epitaxy, extrinsically controlled exchange bias & spintronic applications, fundamental aspects of thermodynamics studied with magnetic model systems. email
Dowben, Peter A. Electronic (band) structure across electronic phase transitions in reduced dimensionality. email
Ducharme, Stephen Design and study of polymers; development of a self-calibrating ellipsometer; ultrathin ferroelectric polymer films; photorefractive and xerographic polymers. email
Enders, Axel Magnetism and electronic properties of nanostructures formed by self-assembled growth, low- and variable temperature scanning tunneling microscopy, magneto-optics, magnetic dichroism with x-rays. email
Gruverman, Alexei Fundamental studies of nanoscale physical phenomena in electronic and polar materials by means of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) techniques. Research involves application of SPM for nanoscale studies of static and dynamic properties of ferroic domains, scaling behavior of ferroelectric-based devices, electronic properties of polar surfaces, SPM-assisted methods for fabrication of nanostructures and SPM studies of electromechanical and mechanical properties of biocompatible materials and biological systems. email
Hardy, Robert J. (emeritus) Statistical mechanics; computer simulations. email
Hong, Xia Epitaxial growth and nanofabrication of complex oxide heterostructures; transport studies of nanoscale and low dimensional electron systems. email
Jaswal, Sitaram S. (emeritus) Atomic and electrical structure of metallic compounds and glasses; magnetic properties of solids; surfaces; interfaces; nanostructures. email
Kirby, Roger A. Magnetism in nanostructured materials; magnetization reversal processes; magneto-optical measurements. email
Liou, Sy-Hwang Magnetic domain imaging; magnetic nanostructured materials and complex oxides. email
Morgan, Thomas A. (emeritus) Theoretical physics. email
Sellmyer, David J. Nanoscale magnetic materials, self-assembled dots, extremely high density recording media, nanostructured high-energy product magnetic materials. email
Tsymbal, Evgeny Computational studies of magnetic, ferroelectric and transport properties of nanoscale materials and structures: magnetoelectric interfaces, magnetic and ferroelectric tunnel junctions, complex oxide materials. email
Research Interests Contact
Bloom, Ken DZero experiment at Fermilab; compact muon solenoid (CMS) experiment at CERN email
Claes, Dan DZero experiment at Fermilab; compact muon solenoid (CMS) experiment at CERN email
Dominguez, Aaron DZero experiment at Fermilab; compact muon solenoid (CMS) experiment at CERN email
Kravchenko, Ilya DZero experiment at Fermilab; compact muon solenoid (CMS) experiment at CERN email
Snow, Gregory R. DZero experiment at Fermilab; compact muon solenoid (CMS) experiment at CERN email
Other Research Areas Research Interests Contact
Campbell, William B. (emeritus) Theoretical physics email
Finkler, Paul (emeritus) Theoretical physics email
Fuller, Bob (emeritus) Research in Physics Education email
Jones, C. Edward (emeritus) Theoretical physics email
Katz, Robert (emeritus) Track physics email
Weymouth, John (emeritus) Archaeometry email