The Department of Physics and Astronomy occupies Jorgensen Hall, Behlen Laboratory (the Diocles Laser), and Behlen Observatory at Mead, Nebraska. The various Departmental facilities and their locations are as follows:

A. Departmental Offices

The Department chairman and his or her secretary have offices in 208B, 208A Jorgensen Hall adjoining the main Department office in 208 Jorgensen Hall. The Department's business office is in 208D. The photocopy machine and the mailboxes are in Jorgensen Hall 214.

B. Physics Learning Center

Graduate students are assigned to serve as tutors various hours of the week in the Learning Center (253 Jorgensen Hall).

C. Lecture Halls

The two lecture rooms used for large–enrollment introductory physics courses are Jorgensen 110 and 136, which both seat 150.

D. Introductory Laboratories

Laboratories for all of the lower-level physics courses are held in the various rooms on the north half, first floor Jorgensen Hall. The office of the Laboratory Manager is 139 Jorgensen Hall.

E. Advanced Undergraduate Laboratories

Jorgensen 241 and 233 house the advanced undergraduate laboratories.

F. Conference/Seminar Rooms

Jorgensen 207, 309, 338 and 071 are available for seminars and can also be used as conference rooms. Reservations for their use should be made with the secretaries in the Department Office.

G. Meeting Room

Faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate physics majors may use the meeting room, Jorgensen 207, for informal meetings.

H. External Research Laboratories

Professors doing experimental work maintain laboratories in the two buildings housing the Department on the UNL campus (Jorgensen Hall and Behlen Lab).  Off-campus research is carried out at:

  • Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (near Chicago)
  • The Large Hadron Collider at CERN (in Switzerland)
  • The Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA
  • The Center for Advanced Microstructures (in Louisiana)
  • The Behlen Observatory (near Mead, NE)
  • Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory, Newport News, VA

I. Lecture Demonstration Apparatus

The office of the lecture demonstrations manager is in Jorgensen 134A. Demonstration apparatus is stored and assembled in that room.

J. Electronics Shop

The Electronics Shop is located in 356 Jorgensen Hall.

K. Instrument and Student Shops

The Department maintains a fully–equipped instrument shop in Jorgensen 177 as well as a student shop in Jorgensen 175. The machines in the main shop are to be operated only by the shop staff, but those in the student shop may be used for Departmental work by students authorized by a member of the faculty. For safety reasons, students may use the machines only after being trained by the student shop machinist and passing a safety test. Students must always have a second person in the shop at all times (“buddy” system) when they are working.