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Links to helpful resources

These classes, coordinated by PIESL, are designed to give students the extra language support they need.

The Internet is one of the most popular resources in the ESL Lab, and students are always looking for sites with good English-building content. Here is a short descriptive list, in no particular order, of some PIESL faculty- and student-recommended places to go.

Dave's ESL Cafe Perhaps the most comprehensive ESL site on the Web. With quizzes, a chat room, idioms and slang pages, a help center, a teaching "idea cookbook," and more, there's nothing an ESL student or teacher can't find at Dave's place!

Activities for ESL Students From the Internet TESL Journal, this page offers quick and easy access to numerous English skills quizzes, puzzles, and even more links.

Aardvark's English Forum More quizzes, more exercises, and a good selection of links to online dictionaries and other English sites.

Merriam-Webster Online More than just an Internet-based dictionary, Merriam-Webster Online offers a "word of the day" vocabulary-building page, word games, history of the English language, and fun language facts. Based on Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary, Tenth Edition.

English as a Second Language Rong-Chang Li at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has compiled a number of useful English language tools and activities here, as well as links to even more online sites.

Dictionary.com Checking definitions of English words is just one of the many things you can do on this page. You can also look up synonyms via Roget's Thesaurus, find answers to grammar questions, play word games, and access dictionaries in languages other than English.

CNN.com This is one of the most popular news sites on the Web. For related resources, you might also want to try Turner Learning, then check out BYU-Hawaii's Web exercises on CNN Newsroom and Worldview for ESL.

Vocabulary University® Cute cartoon characters like "Cinny Nym" and "Dick Shinary" lead the English learner through numerous free language lessons especially designed to help students gain knowledge of the rich lexicon of English.

English as a 2nd Language About.com guide Kenneth Beare has prepared numerous links to ESL sites for teachers and learners at all levels of study. You can also join chat rooms, read articles, subscribe to a free newsletter, and submit questions to the guide.

English International This French Web site has an extensive page of English exercises that are free for all visitors to sample.

Quizland A huge database of all sorts of games, including word puzzles (check out the world's first crossword!) and fun trivia. How much do you think you know...?

Lincoln Journal Star Want to know what's going on locally? This is the Web site of Lincoln's own daily newspaper, a good source of general information.

english@home A simple, easy-to-navigate site that nonetheless provides an impressive range of aids to the English learner. You can even quickly tune in to radio stations from several different English-speaking countries via the site.