Testing Services

Our office conducts language proficiency testing twice each semester using the Michigan State University English Language Test (ELT).  Free ELT testing is provided to the following students whose first language is not English:

Intensive English Program (IEP) students 

All new students to the Intensive English Program must take the English Language Test (ELT) upon arrival for placement into IEP class levels.  This includes those who only want to study English as well as those who have been conditionally admitted to the university but have not yet met the language proficiency requirements.   The full exam is required for these students.

Newly admitted Fall 2016 IEP and Graduate students can register for the ELT here.

Graduate Students already admitted to UNL

Some newly admitted graduate students are required to take the English Language Test (ELT) to demonstrate writing proficiency.  These students will be notified by the College of Graduate Studies of the requirement and need only take the writing portion of the exam.  The full exam is not required for these students.

You can review a sample ELT by clicking here.

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