Great Plains Art Museum Outreach

Artist-in-Residence Outreach Program

An outreach program to several central and western Nebraska schools in the academic year 2008/2009. The program included five original artworks consisting of two bronze sculptures by Del and Martha Pettigrew, which were commissioned for the Elizabeth Rubendall Artist-in-Residence Program and three aquatints by Karl Bodmer, K-6 lesson plans, and a DVD detailing the creation of the bronze sculptures from the clay through the lost wax casting process.

For more information on the Artist-in-Residence Outreach Program, contact the Great Plains Art Museum at 402-472-6220.

Celebrating Darwin's Legacy

An exhibition of photographs, drawings, paintings, and Darwinian materials guest curated by Paul A. Johnsgard. "As the 200th anniversary of his birth and the 150th anniversary of his 'Origin of Species' approaches, biologists and scientists worldwide will pause and celebrate the lasting effects that Charles Darwin has had on science, and especially on our understanding of the natural world," Johnsgard said.

Artists included are Paul A. Johnsgard, Linda R. Brown, Josef Kren, Allison Johnson and Stephen Johnson. Johnsgard is foundation professor emeritus of biological sciences at UNL and author of 50 books on natural history, including The Niobrara: A River Running through Time and Prairie Dog Empire: a Saga of the Shortgrass Prairie.

Celebrating Darwin's Legacy is a traveling exhibit that began at the Great Plains Art Museum, now is at Morrill Hall. If you are interested in the exhibition, please contact the Great Plains Art Museum at 402-472-6220.

Pow Wow Plains Encounter Kit

This hands-on encounter kit focuses on the cultures and traditions of the Nebraska Plains American Indian Pow Wow. Photographs from the Great Plains Art Museum’s educational exhibit, Pow Wow Plains can also accompany the encounter kit if requested. The photographs are by Nebraska artist Tom Tidball.

Biography on Tom Tidball

Tom Tidball has 26 years of professional photography experience, 25 years working with the poor, extensive volunteer work with drug addicts and exploited children, and is director of two international non-profit organizations that work with children in poverty and exploitation, a school teacher, baseball player and coach. He has been a successful freelance photographer for more than 20 years in the USA and Asia. His versatile work includes locational, aerial, underwater, industrial and topical. He has traveled extensively on photo assignments all over Asia and the U.S. Tom has worked as photographer on Apa Travel Guide Books on Sri Lanka, the Rockies, Across USA, Indian Wildlife, and the Southwest.

Tidball worked for two years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln completing a slide library and photography for University image campaign, as well as completing a multi-image slide show, exhibitions and a number of publications. He is the chief photographer and publisher of Lincoln Today magazine since 1992.

The stunning images captured in the Pow Wow Plains educational exhibit were taken at the annual pow wows of the four tribes in Nebraska – Omaha, Winnebago, Santee Sioux, and Ponca- in the summers of 1999-2002. These photographs present diverse and intimate facts of the Native reality. Pow wows are traditional celebrations where Native and non-Native families and friends gather annually from the four cardinal directions to rejoice in one another’s company. Mr. Tidball’s nuanced photographs reveal this palpable sense of joy and fellowship.

For more information on the Pow Wow Plains Encounter kit and/or Pow Wow Plains educational photography exhibit, contact the Great Plains Art Museum at 402-472-6220.

The encounter kits were made possible by a grant from Humanities Nebraska.