Western American Literature

About the Journal

Since 1965 Western American Literature has been the leading peer-reviewed journal in the literary and cultural study of the North American West, defined broadly to include western Canada and northern Mexico. We are constantly looking for new theoretical approaches to canonical figures as well as studies of emerging authors, filmmakers, and others who are expanding the canon of western literary and cultural production. While remaining grounded in the geography of the North American West, we will continue to explore new approaches to literary and cultural studies more broadly, such as our groundbreaking work in ecocriticism and scholarly support for the Hispanic Literary Heritage Recovery Project.

In our desire to further this tradition of integrating western studies into global scholarly conversations, we are especially interested in publishing theoretical and critical articles in areas such as these:

  • critical regionalism
  • bioregionalism
  • place studies
  • global wests
  • Native American studies
  • global indigeneity
  • settler-colonialism
  • post-westernism
  • eco-memoir
  • place pedagogy
  • ecocriticism
  • gender and queer studies
  • feminist place studies
  • digital humanities
  • borderlands studies
  • new agrarianism
  • post-pastoralism
  • food studies
  • cinema and new media
  • critical materialism
  • petrocultures
  • affect theory
  • animal (and plant) studies
  • critical race theory

For membership and other information about the Western Literature Association: http://www.westernlit.org

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For more information contact us at: waljournal@gmail.com

Submission Information for Western American Literature

Western American Literature publishes literary criticism and interdisciplinary work with a literary focus. Manuscripts on any aspect of the literature of the North American West are invited. 

Except under unusual circumstances, WAL will not consider essays over 35 pages. Please do not submit an essay that is under consideration elsewhere or that has been previously published.

Put your name on the first, title page, only and veil any further references to your own work, if applicable, to assure anonymity with the readers. Please be sure to include your mailing address and phone number on the title page.

Please use endnotes, not footnotes, for substantive notes. Your manuscript should follow current MLA style and have a Works Cited list.

The journal will no longer provide illustrations to accompany articles; however you are welcome to provide illustrations that are pertinent to your essay. Images should be scanned at 350 dpi or higher and saved as a TIF or EPS file. It is your responsibility to obtain reprint permission for images, for both print and digital formats.

We are currently establishing a digital submission and peer-review system with the University of Nebraska Press. In the meantime, submissions should be emailed as an attachment to waljournal@gmail.com. Please use a version of MSWord, not .pdf or another word processing application. You do not need to mail a paper version.

EditorTom Lynch, Center for Great Plains Studies

About the WLA

Founded in 1965, the Western Literature Association (WLA) is a non-profit, scholarly association that promotes the study of the diverse literature and cultures of the North American West, past and present.

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