Production and Work Time Agreement.


The following is a schedule of this semester's productions, dates, and areas that need lab/crews.  Work needs vary for each production so the lab/crews will be assigned to meet the work needs from these completed sheets.  On both white sheets indicate your preferences, 1st, 2nd, the production under the area(s) of your interest, costumes, scenery, props or lighting.  On both blue sheets for scenery, props, or lights, or on both yellow sheets for costumes, indicate the days of the week and the times you intend to work (2 hour minimum work periods).  Return all copies to your instructor by January 15.  One copy will be returned to you indicating your assignments.  Keep it for your records.  Check your semester schedule carefully, once you agree to this option, you cannot change except for medical reasons.  When a production quota is filled, your 2nd choice will be assigned.


1)     You must fill this out completely and accurately or it will be returned with no assignment!

2)     You must finish your lab assignment by the end of the work date for that production and area.

3)     You cannot use the same hours for more than one class.

4)     No assignments will be made after Friday of the first week of class this semester (see above).

5)            Dress Code:  NO SHORTS!  NO DRESSES/SKIRTS!  NO OPEN-TOED SHOES! in the Scenery, Props or Lighting Shops.

6)     All students intending to do lab work in scenery or props must be instructed in Scene Shop Safety (January 16, 17; 1:30-3:20, or 3:30-5:30.  Temple Building Scene Shop, rm. 118).  You will not be admitted to one of these sessions if you are late or improperly dressed.  If you do not attend one of these sessions you will not be admitted to the shops, resulting in a failure for this part of the class.  These two hours will be credited toward your contract hours.  (Room 118, Scene Shop, Temple Building)

7)     Hours recorded on any other than the official work sheet at the time and date worked will not be accepted.

8)     Students doing costume shop for lab should sign up in room 11, Temple Building, for instruction in that area.



Costumes – Temple, Room 11 Questions: see Lily, in the Costume Shop (Temple Building Room 11)

UNITY Build: August 25 through October 3.
LOVE'S LABORS LOST Build: September 29 through November 6

Scenery/Painting – Temple, Room 118 Questions: see Mitch Critel.

UNITY Build: August 25 through October 3.
LOVE'S LABORS LOST Build: September 29 through November 6

Properties – Temple, Room 117 Questions: see Mitch Critel.

UNITY Build: August 25 through October 3.
LOVE'S LABORS LOST Build: September 29 through November 6 

Lighting – Hang & focus in the theatres.   NOTE:  This is primarily weekend work.  Regardless of whether you finish your hours on the one weekend of your production assignment, you are still responsible for the required hours. Questions, see Kathy Lorenzen

UNITY Lighting Calls:
OVE'S LABORS LOST Lighting Calls:

You have until Friday, noon, of the second week of classes to change or drop this lab contract commitment. 

Fill out this form if you are required to work shop hours for your class.


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Thursday, April 10

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Friday, April 11

(Off on Saturday, April 12)


Sunday, April 27

Stage Manager: Jessie M

Scheduling Conflicts after you've signed up for a show:

Student stage managers cannot approve scheduling conflicts or absences.

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