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PR Courses at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln 

  • ADPR/ALEC 207 Communicating to Public Audiences - This serves as an ‘intro to PR’ type course with a mix of theory and skills. It’s taught on East Campus with a focus on agricultural audiences.
  •  JOUR 201 Editing 1 - Improve your writing by evaluating stories for grammar, punctuation, accuracy and fairness. Learn to use AP style and write headlines and captions.
  • JOUR 202 Reporting 1 - Learn basic reporting and writing for all news media —an important skill for PR professionals doing media relations.
  • ADPR 251 Principles of Strategic Communication - This is an ‘intro to advertising and PR’ course that focuses on integrated marketing communications in a global market place. It’s required for all ADPR majors.
  • ADPR/ALEC 417 Issues Management and Crisis Communication in Agriculture - Learn the fundamentals of crisis communications in all fields with some emphasis on issues in agriculture and natural resources. This course is now taught on East Campus.
  • ADPR 450 Public Relations Theory and Strategy - The theories and strategies of PR are examined with an emphasis on how to apply them in real life.
  • ADPR 451 Public Relations Techniques - This course will give you hands-on work with PR tactics using multimedia tools, promotional writing, publications development, and media relations.

 NOTE: 491 courses are special topics courses. They are offered occasionally rather than every semester. Check MyRed to see which special topics are available for next semester.

  • ADPR 491 Social Media Theory and Practice - Keep up with a rapidly changing communication landscape by learning the why’s and how’s behind social media.
  • ADPR 491 Advanced Media Relations - Learn how to work with reporters and editors to tell an organization’s story through the news media.
  • JOUR 491 Intro to Sports Communication - This entry level course will give an overview of the area of sports communication from promotion to sports information, sports reporting and more.

 There are also many more electives to consider. Talk to your adviser or see the ADPR course descriptions at:

On Twitter

@UNLPRSSA : Our chapter Twitter provides updated meeting and chapter information, as well as links to current PR topics.

@PRSA : This is the Twitter account for Public Relations Society of America, the largest group of PR professionals in the world. Follow for discussion about  current PR issues and opportunities in the profession.

@PRSAjobcenter : Associated with the PRSA Twitter account, this account is incredibly valuable to recent or future graduates looking to land their first PR job.

@PRSANebraska : Keep up to date with what's happening in the PR professional world in our state

@PRSSANational : This is the Twitter account for the national PRSSA organization. Follow for internship and scholarship updates, news relating to national PRSSA events, and a variety of other PR related information.

@PRNews : This account tweets PR articles pertaining to just about everything PR. Whether it's the most frequently misspelled words in news releases, or a case study concerning Wal Mart's social meida policy, you're sure to learn some interesting things.

Also follow other university PRSSA chapters, as well as state PRSA chapters. For example, if you're interested in a career in a certain state, follow their PRSA chapter for news about the PR world in that state, as well as possible job opportunities.