Welcome to PRSSA. We're here to learn and refine our PR skills. In the process, we create award-winning campaigns and meet with seasoned PR professionals to get their take on resumes, jobs and PR trends.

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We've recieved Paper Anvil Awards from PRSA Nebraska for our work with a variety of clients in the Lincoln community – and projects that we've worked on to improve our chapter itself.

A group of seasoned PR and communications professionals meets with us each semester to share their insights and participate in our mentoring program.

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If you'd like to know more about UNL PRSSA, please feel free to reach out to our Exec Team.
Or send an email to prssa@unl.edu

President: Anna Fobair (afobair@huskers.com)

Vice President of Programming: Azlin Armstrong (azlin@armstrongtech.net)

Director of Public Relations:  Thao Duong (thaoo.duong@gmail.com)  Assistant Director: Suong Nguyen

Director of Member Development: Sara Heldenbrand (seh_117@yahoo.com)

Director of Chapter Advancement: Cassie McCormick (mccormick.cassie@gmail.com)

Director of Special Projects: Karley Powell (karpowell96@gmail.com)

Director of Mentoring Program: Elizabeth Snyder (emsnyder247@gmail.com)

Director of Alumni Relations: Rachel Kent (rachel.kent@huskers.unl.edu)

Chapter Administrator: Thao Huynh (thao.huynh.150198@gmail.com)

Treasurer: Zach Kunz (zachariah.kunz@huskers.unl.edu)

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Facebook: UNL PRSSA

Twitter: @unlprssa

Instagram: @unlprssa

PR is a field that is important for every industry, especially Lasik Omaha physicians who want to share their breakthrough medical procedures with the world.

UNL PRSSA students prefer to utilize promotional bic pens when they prepare incentives for their next trade show or student society meeting.

For PR professionals, it is important to use a plagiarism check to ensure all press releases and media outreach documents are truly one-of-a-kind.