I am graduating this spring. CAN I participate in the REU Program after I graduate?

No. This program is only for undergraduates; if you have a bachelor's degree, you are ineligible. However, if you are interested in internship or work opportunities post graduation, check out the student section of the American Psychology-Law Association's website. They have some great resources for both undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in pursuing further education or a career in the law/psychology fields.

I don't have very much research experience. Will I be behind?

Students who participate in the program have varying degrees of experience with research, ranging from advanced to little or none at all. We expect students to come in with positive attitude and most importantly, a willingness to learn. The goal of the REU Program is to give you an opportunity to gain experience in psychology and law research.

How long is the program? When will I be expected to arrive at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln?

The program length is the same as the academic year (August to May). Students will be expected to arrive in mid-August for orientation several weeks before the start of classes at UNL. The academic year generally ends the first or second week of May. You are encouraged, as an REU student, to have a true undergraduate experience at UNL, and thus you are welcome to go home for the traditional breaks (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break, etc.).

Will the classes I take at UNL transfer back to my home institution? How do I know what classes to take?

Mostly likely, yes but that depends on your home institution. We will work with you to pick classes at UNL that will transfer back to your home institution. Some schools require that all upper-level classes in a student's major be taken at the home institution, often called "in residence;" others require all core/general education classes be taken there as well. It will be important to take classes that will transfer toward your graduation at your home institution. While at UNL, you will be encouraged to take classes related to psychology and law (i.e. Law and Psychology, Legal Decision Making, statistics and methods, etc.). Aside from the psych/law focus, we will find courses for you to fulfill your graduation requirements at your home institution.

Will I be working with a professor? Which one?

You will have an adviser in the psychology department. The choice depends on your general research interests. We always try our best to match you with someone with similar research interests, but most importantly we aim to match you with and adviser who will work with you in creating your own, individual research project. You may also work closely with a graduate student in collecting data, refining your own project, etc. This is also a great opportunity to have someone to speak with about graduate school, hear about their experience with the application process, and how they balance school and other commitments.

What is the time commitment of the program?

You are encouraged to work approximately 10 hours/week with the program. Some weeks may be more and some may be less, depending on what stage you are in with your project, and the expectations of your adviser.

Will I graduate from UNL after the program OR from my home institution?

Only if your home institution is UNL, will your degree be granted by UNL. You will graduate from your home institution, with the credits you earned from UNL fulfilling part of your graduation requirement at your home institution.

I am already a UNL student. Can I apply to the REU program?

Absolutely. As a UNL student, you will be ineligible for free room and board, but every other aspect of the program is the same for UNL students.

Will my financial aid package transfer to UNL?

Again, that entirely depends on your home institution. Representatives from the UNL financial aid office will work directly with your home institution to determine if, or how financial aid will transfer to UNL. Consortium agreements can be tricky, and we are lucky to have great help from the University to help our REU students receive the best financial aid package they can!

Additional Questions? Email Leah Skovran, lskovran@gmail.com.

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