Ashley Bohnet
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Ashley BohnetI work with Dr. Richard Wiener on a project that evaluates generic prejudice in potential jurors. In his lab, I run participants, enter and analyze data, and do other odd jobs for the study. I am a senior and will graduate in May. My future plans include attending law school at the University of Nebraska. The REU program is a program that is very beneficial for students who are thinking about attending graduate school because it gives them an idea of what graduate school is like and helps students to realize if graduate school is a viable option for them.

Juan Cangas,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Juan CangasThe REU program has given me a chance to get a great experience on research. The program allowed me to work through the research loop, starting from building a hypothesis, to organizing the materials necessary to run a study, and finding the meaning behind the data obtained. Through the REU program I've learned the essential components of conducting research, but most importantly it has given me the confidence necessary to believe that I too can do research. One of the most advantages things about the program was being able to work with Dr. Wiener just as he would work with one of his graduate students, so you really got a good look at what it would feel like to be a graduate student. More than anything else the REU program gave me the resources necessary to facilitate a productive and efficient research experience.

Carrie Cheloha,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Carrie ChelohaWhen evaluating the past four years of my undergraduate education, I would have to say that my involvement in the REU program tops the list in regards to academic growth and achievement. Currently, I am working with Dr. Wiener looking at sexual harassment situations in the workplace. Not only am I obtaining first-hand experience in developing, organizing, and running a study among faculty and graduate students, but I also have been given a rare opportunity to develop and carry-out research of my own. Beside the fact that I am gaining valuable experience on the research front, there are so many additional benefits to participating in the REU program. I interact with significant faculty members on a daily basis, and this alone has gotten me involved in other research opportunities that I find particularly interesting. You come in contact with great mentors and graduate students that have beneficial advice when it comes to transiting to after school plans, placement tests, and managing the stress that comes with being a college student. It's reassuring to know that I have a competitive edge in the research field, valuable resources, and irreplaceable faculty guidance and reference.

Justin Escamilla,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Justin EscamillaJustin Escamilla is a junior from Scottsbluff, Nebraska, who is majoring in psychology. His research interests include self-monitoring, power, and crime. Justin has been conducting research with Dr. Sarah Gervais in the Psychology Department and is interested in a career in either forensic psychology, or a federal law enforcement position. Justin's hobbies include graphic design, photo and video editing, guitar, reading, and watching movies.

Monica Guzman,
Weber State University

Monica GuzmanThe REU program has given me the opportunity to participate in many research activities. Currently, I'm conducting research with Dr. Willis-Esqueda on the suitability of cross-racial adoptions and the legal biases of Mexican Americans within white-collar crimes. Additionally, I am a research assistant at the Lincoln Regional Center, a forensic mental health unit. I work with Dr. Huss, who is from Creighton University. Being here has motivated me to advance my knowledge in the area of clinical forensic psychology and I highly recommend it for those who are interested in psychology and law.

Joe Hamm,
University of Northern Colorado

Joe HammThe REU program has been everything that I hoped it would be. I am currently sorting through five graduate school offers from very competitive schools in Psych/Law and that is largely due to the networking and experience I have gained in this program. If you want to get the most out of it, you have to hit the ground running but the opportunities are certainly there. I am currently working with Dr. Brian Bornstein and Cindy Laub on a study investigating earwitness identification jury instructions. The experimental manipulation evaluates the effect of standard Telfaire instructions, standard Telfaire instructions with the legally relevant factors as determined in U.S. v. Angleton (2003) and the Telfaire instructions as modified in Greene (1988) on the verdicts, comprehension and subjective satisfaction of mock jurors.

Jenna Henkes,
Texas Lutheran University

Jenna HenkesI have been working with Dr. Brian Bornstein and his graduate students on two studies: one of which examines how mock jurors' assign damages in split recovery statutes and the other is examining how terror management theory influences the allocation of money. Deciding to participate in the REU program was a huge commitment for me, but it has been more than worth it. While I have been here, I have had the rare opportunity to work with some of the most influential and respected researchers in the field of psychology and law. The REU program also helped me to decide which field of psychology that I want to pursue after I graduate in May 2011. After graduation, I am planning on attending a psychology and law graduate program with the hope of becoming a trial consultant.

Brittany Judge,
Oklahoma State University

Brittany JudgeThe University of Nebraska, Lincoln's R.E.U. program has provided me with priceless experience in psychology research. I was involved in many research labs in psychology and law here at UNL. Not only do I now have more confidence in psychology research, I also had a great experience at the University of Nebraska. The relationships that I made within the R.E.U program with the professors, graduate students, and other R.E.U. students was like nothing I imagined. One day I plan on going to graduate school and now because of this program I know that my plans are more feasible. If graduate school is in your future, consider this program!

Teresa Kulig,
University of Akron

Teresa KuligThe REU program has offered me everything that I hoped it would and more. I had the honor of working with Dr. Mario Scalora and Valerie Gonsalves on research concerning social anxiety and sexually coercive behavior. This program has given me the opportunity to meet members of an outstanding faculty who I would not have had the honor of meeting otherwise. I am completely grateful for the time that they took out of their day to work with me. Not to mention that the guidance that they had to offer was indispensable to my knowledge in the field. I would also like to thank Leah Skovran who listened, encouraged, and went out of her way to make sure that this program and year went as smoothly as possible. I am privileged that I was able to be included in such a wonderful program offered at the University of Nebraska. This experience has not only given me the resources I need, but also the confidence to help me succeed in the future.

Allison Lawler,
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Allison LawlerAs an participant in the program, I am able to work one on one with graduate students and prominent psychologists within the Psychology and Law field. Currently, I am working on three different projects with Dr. Richard Wiener and Dr. Sarah Gervais. We are studying sexual harassment within the workplace, sexual objectification, and affective forecasting of emotions towards the death penalty. Throughout my experience, I have been able to get hands on training with research by brainstorming ideas for projects, writing IRB proposals, running participants, collecting data, and much more. We are also currently collecting data for my own research project that I will be able to present at the end of the school year. The REU program has not only given me more experience with research, but has shown me what potential I do have to succeed further in the Psychology and Law field.

David Lopez,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

David LopezThe Psych-Law REU program gave me experience, knowledge, and connections that have not only solidified my choice in psychology and law as a program of study, but also better prepared me for my future plans of law school. I worked with Dr. Brank and her graduate student Lindsey Wylie, which gave me the opportunity to create a write-up of the research I have helped with. The research being done in Dr. Brank's lab focuses on older adults, and I was able to help with two studies. My future plans after I graduate are to pursue a JD & PhD at an institution with a respectable psych-law program. The REU program has allowed me to meet and talk with professors and graduate students. I was able to speak with them one-on-one, get advice, guidance, and even tips for my future. Research is a huge component of graduate school, and I feel much more confident in my abilities and preparation now that I have participated in the REU program.

Michelle MacBain,
University of Missouri, Kansas City

Michelle MacBainAs a member of the REU program, I receive a hands-on, challenging and invaluable experience in Law/Psychology research. My knowledge of the logistics of research grows daily with my involvement in Dr. Wiener's Legal Decision Making laboratory. In addition, I've found great mentors in Leah Skovran and Dr. Wiener as I make my transition from undergrad to "grad hopeful". I am grateful for this opportunity to advance my knowledge and gain a greater understanding of my place in the field of psychology.

Trinidad Mascote,
University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Trinidad MascoteI was excited to be accepted into the Psych and Law REU program at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. I never imagined the amount of knowledge I would gain in such a short amount of time. I have the great privilege of working with Dr. Cynthia Willis-Esqueda. While in her lab I participate in such activities as running participants, coding and putting a study up online. I have been involved with every step of the process from beginning to end. I have the opportunity to work closely with graduate students, giving me a feel for what my future will be like as I hope to enter graduate school. I have found many great mentors that have helped me get closer to my dreams for the future, including Dr. Willis-Esqueda, Dr. Wiener, and Leah Skovran. I look forward to taking my knowledge back to my home institution and continuing to use the skills and experience I have gained in the REU program.

Kristin Sams,
Berea College

Kristin SamsI decided to participate in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's year-long Psychology and Law REU for my senior year. The REU program granted me the opportunity to work one-on-one with a top researcher in the area of psychology and law, conduct my own research study pertaining to my own interest. My mentor is Dr. Cynthia Willis-Esqueda and my research project was an online study that dealt with participants reading a sexual assault scenario in which the alleged rape victim's race and body size was varied. Being a REU fellow has allowed me to produce a research study that I hope to publish in the future and present at conferences in the Fall to make me an attractive candidate to graduate schools.

T. Renee Smith,
Dartmouth College

T. Renee SmithThe REU program has helped me fill a void in Native American literature by defining discrimination from an intergroup perspective. I will present the findings of my study at the American Psychological Society Conference this May along with my adviser, Dr. Willis-Esqueda. The REU program has also given me the opportunity to gain experience in gathering, analyzing, and presenting empirical data which is advantageous when applying to graduate programs. Because of the skills I gained in managing my own study, I am confident in applying my talents in the field of clinical psychology as the cession of the program.

Jenny Webster,
Ohio State University

Jenny WebsterThe opportunity to participate in the REU Program at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln has been an advancing and developmental experience. I came here for my senior year from The Ohio State University where I was working on psychology research, but at UNL, I was afforded the chance to work on research in the Psychology and Law field, which I would not have been able to do at my home institution. I worked in Dr. Brian Bornstein's cognitive psychology lab, and I worked one-on-one with graduate students and their research in his lab. Though I decided to attend law school, Dr. Bornstein was very helpful in assisting and advising me, and I have been admitted to The George Washington Law School. However, I feel this experience, and a greater understanding of Psychology and Law Research, will prove to be enriching to my career as the Social Sciences impact the Legal System to an ever greater extent.

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