Dr. Gervais is an assistant professor in the Psych/Law and Social Psychology areas in the Psychology Department at UNL. Dr. Gervais' research examines power and subtle prejudice. Examining behaviors like the objectifying gaze, flattery, patronization, and interpersonal confrontation, Dr. Gervais has found that the discriminatory acts of powerful people are often more subtle and nuanced than previously thought, but they still have negative consequences for recipients. Dr. Gervais focuses primarily on gender, but also race, class, disability, age, and their intersections. Most of Dr. Gervais' research applies to the work place, but she also examines subtle prejudice in everyday interactions and in relationships. Extending her research to policy and law, Dr. Gervais is now examining whether different types of subtle prejudice are actionable under the law.
Dr. Gervais works with both undergraduate (including REU fellows and UCARE students) and graduate students in her Power and Subtle Prejudice lab. People involved in the lab read and summarize previous research, develop hypotheses and plan studies, create stimulus materials and collect data, and analyze data and present the results -- basically, people get involved in all stages of the research process. Dr. Gervais also strongly values mentoring and will provide research and professional development mentoring for everyone in the lab.

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Administrative Assistant
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Professor of Psychology
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