Thank you for your interest in the Research Experience for Undergraduates Program at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. We will no longer be accepting applications for the Psychology and Law REU program.

Please see the National Science Foundation?s REU website to see all other REU opportunities available, nationwide.

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates program offers advanced research training to undergraduates interested in the intersection of psychology and law. Students will gain experience in research methods and analysis in psychology and law. The program is extremely valuable for students interested in graduate school in psychology or other social science disciplines dependent on rigorous scientific research. The program is attractive to undergraduates interested in academic or applied careers in law, psychology, human resources management, criminal justice, social work or other careers that involve understanding people. The program builds on UNL's successful and nationally recognized Pyschology and Law Program.

  • REU students, if not already enrolled at UNL, come to UNL for an academic year (August to May), take courses, and then return to their home institutions where they will complete their undergraduate degrees.
  • REU participants are visiting students.
  • Accepted students receive a $3,200 annual stipend; assistance with relocation expenses; waiver of any tuition that may be higher than the tuition at their home schools; standard double-occupancy residence hall housing, with board (available only for non-UNL students).
  • REU participants join existing research teams composed of UNL faculty, graduate students and other undergraduates.
  • REU students will propose and complete their own research projects under close supervision by a research scientist.
  • Faculty mentors will maintain contact with students until they finish their bachelor's degrees and enroll in graduate or professional school or secure other professional outcomes.
  • REU students take, in addition to courses specific to the program, courses that will transfer back to their home institutions.
  • Trained academic counselors work with students to ensure credits transfer and apply toward students' degrees.
  • UNL academic counselors work with counterparts at the students' home institutions to ensure courses meet all requirements.
  • An approved transfer-plan is in place before student is fully accepted in to the program.
  • Suggested relevant upper division psychology and general education courses will be posted for each academic year.
  • All REU students receive free GRE preparation class and other professional/academic development opportunities.
  • Must have sophomore or better standing
  • GPA of at least a B (3.0 on 4.0 scale)
  • Preference given to psychology majors but majoring in psychology is not required
  • Successful completion of an introductory psychology course plus two additional content courses in areas such as physiological psychology, cognitive psychology, learning theory, personality theory, developmental psychology, and social psychology.
  • Preference given to majors intending graduate school in psychology or law school, especially those interested in psychology and law.
  • Successful completion of at least one statistics and/or methods course or the intention to complete such course during REU at UNL or the student's home institution.
  • Although all undergraduate psychology students are eligible, the program particularly encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds.
  • Students will be accepted according to their expressed interests to complete a full year as an active member of a research team and take academic courses, motivation to study psychology and law, and intentions to attend graduate school.
  • All applications will be considered! Apply today!
The Psychology and Law's Research Experience for Undergraduates Program is funded by the National Science Foundation, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.

Contact the following for more info about…

REU Program:

Leah Skovran,

Graduate Student Mentor
238 Burnett Hall,
Lincoln, NE 68588-0308


Mandilyn Armour,

Administrative Assistant
238 Burnett Hall,
Lincoln, NE 68588-0308
(402) 472-3234

Psych & Law:

Dr. Richard Wiener,

Professor of Psychology
334 Burnett Hall,
Lincoln, NE 68588-0308
(402) 472-1137