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Coaching Session

Common Session Topics:

  • Spending Plans
  • Financial Goals
  • Organization
  • Establishing Credit
  • Saving Money
  • Debt Repayment
  • Beginning Investing
  • Financial Aid
    Manage & Repay
  • Employee Benefits
  • Major Purchases

Coaching Session Descriptions

Current Events

At this time, we are focusing on partnering with UNL programs, classes, and student organizations to create customized financial education experiences for their students.

We also focus on traveling around campus to distribute resources and answer students' individual financial questions.

We also strive to be part of campus-wide events that many UNL students attend.

If you are a UNL student and we have not had the pleasure to meet you, and you really want us to offer a workshop on a financial topic you are very interested in, let us know!

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