UNL Money Potholes

Avoid UNL Money Potholes

Be proactive about choosing a major that’s right for you. It's normal to change your major 1 or 2 times, but if you change it 7 times, you'll be wasting money on unnecessary classes. Tools to Help You: Career Services
Repeating a class. Having to take a class twice is a waste of your time and money. Tools to Help You: Tutoring Services
Dropping a course after the refund date. Utilize the UNL academic calendar to prevent this. Tools to Help You: Academic Calendar
Not meeting satisfactory academic progress. You could lose your financial aid and scholarships. Tools to Help You: Tutoring Services
Racking up parking tickets. Know when and where you can park. Tools to Help You: Parking Services Maps
Student bill late fees. It's easy - pay your bill on time. Tools to Help You: Student Billing Cycle
Not getting the best textbook prices. Buy used books or rent your books. Tools to Help You: University Bookstore Textbook Rental
Not using campus services. You've already paid for these services through your student fees - Examples: University Health Center services, Lied Center discounts, Campus Rec, Daily Nebraskan, Newspaper program, Transit services, UPC programming . Tools to Help You: Student Services