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The following financial boot camps were created by LearnVest, a company who seeks to empower women everywhere to take control of their personal finances so that they can afford their dreams. At LearnVest, they believe that financial planning should not be a luxury, and that's why they've created the LearnVest Method: Get informed. Get organized. Get support.

Take Control

In this 10-day Bootcamp, you'll take a look at the current state of your finances, including your budget, earnings and spending patterns. Learn how to earn more, spend better and get what you really want from your money.

Financial Basics

In 17 days you will become the master of your financial domain. Get the accounts you need, create a budget you can stick to, and get on the right track for retirement.

Get Out of Debt

No matter how much debt you have, this 15-day Bootcamp will give you the tools, support, and know-how to tackle it once and for all.

Ace Your Taxes

This 5-day program helps you get your taxes get done quickly, efficiently and without the headache.

Priceless Style

In 10 days, you'll learn to tackle financial dilemmas that tug your heart one way and your head another: Should I buy that perfect dress out of my budget? When can I splurge? How do I maximize my style purchases?


Learn to excel on the job and navigate career transitions so you get where you want to go in this 10-day bootcamp.

Cut Your Costs

Cut your expenses one room at a time with this 15-day bootcamp! From your cable bill to your closet, we'll give you insider tips to drastically reduce your living expenses.

Baby on Board

In this 10-day bootcamp, prospective parents can get themselves financially prepared for all the changes a baby brings.

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