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Current Community Projects

People's City Mission
Lincoln Community Centers
High Schools Across Nebraska
Heartland Big Brothers & Big Sisters
Junior Achievement
and more!

Workshop Examples

College Students Specific Topics We can cover personal finance topics relevant to the educational needs of your group.
High School Students Workshops & Fun Activities Our interactive workshops facilitate discussion and engage students through the use of fun activities.

Past activities have included: How to be a Millionaire, College Expenses Scavenger Hunt, Money Smart Skits, Money Quiz Show, and more!
High School Students Financial Simulations:
Including Life in the US & Mad City Money
In Life in the US, students take on the identity of a young family. Through choosing how the family spends their money, students learn about spending plans, financial goals, and wants vs. needs.

Offered through a partnership with the University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union, Mad City Money is a hands-on simulation that appeals to youth and gives them a taste of the real world - complete with occupation, salary, spouse, student loan debt, credit card debt, and medical insurance payments.
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