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Savings Piggy


The following materials are for RAs and other student leaders to print off and display around campus.

Printable Display Materials: Infographics

A fun opportunity! Create your own financial road map infographic!

Or create a list of your money-saving ideas for your peers!

Printable Display Materials: Bulletin Board Kits

Simple, fun bulletin boards that anyone can print and easily display.

If you would like more bulletin board kits sent to you, Contact Us

SMMC Online Training

The following training quizzes are for student leaders that have received training packets and need to complete the corresponding quiz in order to receive their certification.

SMMC Online Training

Training 1 Credit
Training 2 Saving/Investing

Share Your Personal Financial Stories &
Suggest Financial Workshops

If you have been the picture of financial success, share your story! You may be featured in an SMMC publication.

Is there a financial topic you really want to learn more about? Do you feel that UNL students need financial education on a specific topic? Give us your suggestions for financial workshops & events we can offer to UNL students!

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