Workshops for Student Groups


We offer UNL student organizations, Greek houses, and residence hall floors the opportunity to have Student Money Management Center representatives present financial education workshops at meetings or events.

What exactly do your workshops involve?

We have several different workshop formats covering a variety of financial education topics. We can also create workshops for groups focused on the financial topics that are most relevant to the educational needs of the group members.

How much do workshops cost?

There is NO cost for workshops.

Where & when are workshops held?

Workshops can be held any place that is convenient for your group - where your meetings are held OR we can reserve a room in the UNL City Union. We are available to do workshops almost any time that is convenient for the group.

Who gives workshops?

Workshops are given by SMMC representatives. We collaborate with local businesses and groups on select workshops.

What do we have to provide for the presenters?

Your group DOES NOT have to provide anything for us.

What if I want a workshop on a specific financial topic, such as credit scores. Is this possible?

Yes, we are willing to create workshops tailored to the needs of your organization.

How many workshops can one group schedule during a semester?

You can schedule as many workshops as you like.

Are there size requirements for the audience?

Group size isn't an issue. We will present to both big and small groups.