Career Services

The job search can be an overwhelming and dauting task for any student. For a student with a disability there are additional factors that can make this process even more challenging.

Career Services wants to assist you in your carrer goals from your first year of study to graduation and beyond. Career Services provides you the tools, resources, and services to make sound major and career decisions, plan for your career or further education, and find internships and jobs.

Thomas Allison, Assistant Director of Career Services at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, brings firsthand knowledge of the employment search for a person with a disability. At the age of eight he had a stroke that almost took his life. Tom learned how to walk, talk and perform everyday life functions again. Tom went on to receive his bachelor's degree from Midland Lutheran College and his master's degreee from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Tom Allison, Assistant Director of Career Services

Call Tom or one of the other Career Counselors in Career Services at (402) 472-3145 or contact him at to discuss your future.

Visit the Career Services website at and the Career Services link of Resources for Students with Disabilities at