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Articles and Reports

Useful articles and reports related to general and liberal education.


Resources on the topic of assessment.

  • Angelo, Thomas A. Doing Assessment as if Learning Matters Most. AAHE Bulletin, May 1999. (Available online at http://education.gsu.edu/ctl/outcomes/ Doing%20Assessment%20As%20If%20Learning%20Matters%20Most.htm.)
  • Association of American Colleges and Universities. Our Students' Best Work: A Framework for Accountability Worthy of Our Mission. Washington, DC: AAC&U, 2004. http://www.aacu.org/publications/pdfs/StudentsBestReport.pdf.
  • Benjamin, Robert and Marc Chun. A New Field of Dreams: The Collegiate Learning Assessment Project. Peer Review 5, no. 4 (2003): 26-29. http://www.aacu.org/peerreview/pr-su03/pr-su03feature2.cfm.
  • Borden, Victor M.H. and Jody L. Zak Owens. Measuring Quality: Choosing Among Surveys and Other Assessments of College Quality. Tallahassee, FL: Association for Institutional Research / Washington, DC: American Council on Education, 2001. http://airweb.org/images/measurequality.pdf.
  • Chun, Marc. Looking Where the Light is Better: A Review of the Literature on Assessing Higher Education Quality. Peer Review 4, no. 2-3 (2002): 16-25. http://www.aacu.org/peerreview/pr-sp02/pr-sp02feature3.cfm.
  • Connor, W. Robert. Report on a Listening: Liberal Education Outcomes in Classical Studies. Report Prepared for the Teagle Foundation, 2005.
  • Ekman, Richard. Fear of Data: A warning to CIC members to make peace with data-or suffer the consequences. University Business (September 2004). http://www.universitybusiness.com/page.cfm?p=540.
  • Ewell, Peter. An Emerging Scholarship: A Brief History of Assessment. In Building a Scholarship of Assessment, edited by Trudy W. Banta and Associates, 3-25. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
  • Ewell, Peter. General Education and the Assessment Reform Agenda. Washington, DC: AAC&U, 2004.
  • Ewell, Peter. Perpetual Movement: Assessment After Twenty Years. Working paper, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, Boulder, 2002.
  • Heiland, Donna. Report on a Virtual Listening: Liberal Arts Outcomes: Assessing Teaching and Learning in English. Report prepared for the Teagle Foundation, 2005.
  • Hersh, Richard. Assessment and Accountability: Unveiling Value Added Assessment in Higher Education. Presentation, AAHE National Assessment Conference, Denver, CO, June 15, 2004.
  • Hersh, Richard. Generating Ideals and Transforming Lives: A Contemporary Case for the Residential Liberal Arts College. Daedalus 128, no. 1 (1999): 173-194. (Available online at http://www.collegenews.org/prebuilt/daedalus/hersh_article.pdf.)
  • Hersh, Richard. What Does College Teach? The Atlantic Monthly 296, no. 4 (November 2005): 140-143.
  • Kuh, George. What We're Learning about Student Engagement from NSSE: Benchmarks for effective educational practices. Change 35, no. 2 (March-April 2003): 24-32.
  • Kuh, George D. and Robert M. Gonyea. Exploring the Relationships Between Spirituality, Liberal Learning, and College Student Engagement. Report prepared for the Teagle Foundation, Center for Postsecondary Research, Indiana University, Bloomington, 2005.
  • Matthews, Jay. Measure by Measure: A new effort to determine how well schools teach. The Atlantic Monthly 294, no. 3 (October 2004): 134. http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/prem/200410/mathews/.
  • Pace C. Robert and Mark Connolly. Where are the Liberal Arts? Research in Higher Education 41, no. 1 (2000): 53-65.
  • Pascarella, Ernest T., Ty M. Cruce, Gregory C. Wolniak, and Charles Blaich. Do Liberal Arts Colleges Really Foster Good Practices in Undergraduate Education? Journal of College Student Development 45, no. 1 (2004): 67-84. (Available online at http://www.liberalarts.wabash.edu/cila/home.cfm?news_id=1383.)
  • Schneider, Carol Geary and Ross Miller. Liberal Education Outcomes: A Preliminary Report on Student Achievement in College. Washington, DC: AAC&U, 2005. (Available online at http://www.aacu.org/advocacy/pdfs/LEAP_Report_FINAL.pdf.)
  • Steiner, Lucy M. Bryan C. Hassel, and Steven J. Tepper. Measuring Higher Education: A Compendium of Assessment Instruments for Colleges and Universities. Report prepared for the Teagle Foundation, November 2004.
  • Struck, Peter. Listening on Value Added Assessment. Report prepared for the Teagle Foundation, 2004.
  • Thompson, Robert J. Use of Course Evaluations to Assess Curricular and Pedagogical Components of Undergraduate Education. Working paper, Duke University, Durham, NC, 2004. (Draft available from author.)
  • Wiggins, Grant. The Truth May Make You Free, but the Test May Keep You Imprisoned: Toward Assessment Worthy of the Liberal Arts. In Assessment and Program Evaluation: An Ashe Reader, edited by Joan S. Stark and Alice Thomas, 545-556. Needham Heights, MA: Simon Schuster Custom Publishing. (Available online at http://www.maa.org/saum/articles/wiggins_appendix.html.)
  • Zhao, Chun-Mei. and George D. Kuh. Adding Value: Learning Communities and Student Engagement. Research in Higher Education 45, no. 2 (2004): 115-138.

General Education Programs

Information about and examples of general education programs.

Liberal Education

Resources that discuss the topic of liberal education.

  • AAC&U's Liberal Education Website
  • Benoliel, Peter A. Liberal Education: Preparing Tomorrow's Business Executives. In Higher Education, Human Resources, and the National Economy: Addresses and Discussion Papers from the Sixtieth Annual Meeting, 117-123. Washington: Association of American Colleges, 1974. Permission granted by Association of American Colleges and Universities.
  • Brint, Steven, Mark Riddle, Lori Turk-Bicakci, and Charles S. Levy. From the Liberal to the Practical Arts in American Colleges and Universities: Organizational Analysis and Curricular Change. The Journal of Higher Education 76, no. 2 (March-April 2005): 150-180.
  • Connor, W. Robert. Is There a Gold Standard in Undergraduate Education? Report prepared for the Teagle Foundation, 2004.
  • The Education Trust. College Results Online. http://www.collegeresults.org/.
  • Kotch, Seth. Report on Brint et al.'s 'From the Liberal to the Practical Arts in American Colleges and Universities: Organizational Analysis and Curricular Change.' Report prepared for the Teagle Foundation, 2005.
  • Kotch, Seth. Report on Marcy's 'Democracy, Leadership, and the Role of Liberal Education.' Report prepared for the Teagle Foundation, 2005.
  • Kotch, Seth. Report on Sherman et al.'s 'The Quest for Excellence in University Teaching.' Report prepared for the Teagle Foundation, 2005.
  • Marcy, Mary Democracy, Leadership, and the Role of Liberal Education. Liberal Education (Winter 2002), 6-11.
  • Sherman, Thomas M., L.P. Armistead, Forest Fowler, M.A. Barksdale, Glenn Reif. The Quest for Excellence in University Teaching. The Journal of Higher Education 58, no. 1 (January-February 1987): 66-84.
  • Wallace, Andrew G. Educating Tomorrow's Doctors: The Thing That Really Matters is That We Care. Academic Medicine 72, no. 4 (1997): 253-258. Permission granted by Academic Medicine (http://www.academicmedicine.org/).


Presentations on the topic of general and liberal education.