The UNL Teaching Council is a Chancellor's Committee established in 1969. The Council shall have major responsibility for the encouragement and support of efforts to improve instruction and learning at all levels at UNL. Funds appropriated specifically for improvement of instruction and learning and made available to the Council by the Chancellor shall be expended with the advice of the Teaching Council (Bylaws of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 1976).

To fulfill its mission, the Teaching Council will assist in the selection of recipients of campus teaching awards including the Sorensen, OTICA, UDTA, and the ADT; it will support and promote initiatives to enhance the quality of instruction at UNL, and it will interface and collaborate with other campus bodies, to nurture teaching excellence across the campus.

For further information, contact Amy Goodburn.

UNL Teaching Council
Members 2013-2014
Name Unit/Address Phone Membership Status
Begin - End
Faculty Senate Appointees (3-year terms):
William Glider School of Biological Sciences
431 MANT (0118)
370-9194 2013-14—2015-16
Marilyne Stains Chemistry
712 HAH (0304)
2-3508 2013-14—2015-16
Susan Wunder Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education
216A HENZ (0355)
2-3346 2011-12—2013-14
Sue Bullard Journalism and Mass Communications
241 ANDN (0474)
2-7110 2012-13—2014-15
Hossein Noureddini Chemical Engineering
207H OTHM (0643)
2-2751 2012-13—2014-15
Bryan Reiling Animal Science
C204 ANSC (0908)
2-8960 2012-13—2014-15
Dean's Appointees (3-year terms):
Diane Barger School of Music
238 WMB (0100)
2-0582 2012-13—2014-15
David Rosenbaum Economics
123 KAUF (0690)
2-2318 2012-13—2014-15
Undergraduate Studies Designee:
Kim Wilson Landscape Architecture
302 ARCH (0107)
2-9230 2011-12—2013-14
Dean of Graduate Studies Designee:
Laurie Bellows 1100 SeH (0619)
2-9764 ongoing
SVCAA Designee:
Amy Goodburn 210 ADM (0420)
2-3751 ongoing
Student Appointees:
Tyler Chonis
McKinsie Reeves