The Academic Monitoring program is a bold step in helping students take charge of their academic success. Every other week, a student arranges to meet his/her professors during their office hours and have those professors report the student's grade. The student then hands this report over to the Outreach Coordinator, is here to help the student monitor their academic progress. The Outreach Coordinator would help the student find and use the appropriate SSS resources (such as tutoring, laptop/calculator checkout, academic counseling, etc.).

WHY. . .

In the Academic Monitoring Program, you have someone helping you, helping you stay aware of how you're doing academically, organize your time, and, most importantly, get the important resources to succeed academically. The Academic Monitoring Program also puts you face to face with your professors on a regular basis and helps you form the relationships with UNL faculty that will give you the keys to achievement. Other departments from UNL and many other institutions run programs like the Academic Monitoring Program - and their success has been proven time and time again. The small amount of time you put into the program is likely to give you strong academic results.