Every eligible student is qualified to receive the free tutoring service provided by the SSS Program. If you experience difficulty keeping up with a course, developing learning skills, and so on, please contact SSS staff to request a tutor who will help you individually.


Requesting tutoring services is easy and fast. The following procedure is used to assign and monitor tutoring.

  1. You make an appointment to talk to the professional staff regarding your tutoring needs and fill out a Tutor Request Form. Then you are required to read the Rules and Regulations Governing SSS Tutees and sign the form.
  2. After you are approved to receive the tutoring services, the staff will give you a Tutor Timesheet that contains tutor's contact information so you are able to contact the tutor right away.
  3. Tutoring is assigned for no more than 4 weeks at a time. If you want to be tutored for a longer period, you are required to attend a follow-up appointment each 4 weeks. During the appointment, the staff will evaluate the tutoring session with you to decide if tutoring extension for another 4 weeks is needed.

Tutor Request Form:

To save some time, you may print out Tutor Request Form and complete the top portion before you go to the SSS office.

To find out if you are eligible to be admitted into the SSS program, please stop by our office.

Tutor Request