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Step 1: Identify Faculty Research Advisor & Discuss Research Project

Before you select a faculty research advisor do your homework. Research the prospective advisor’s research area (for a quick review of faculty research areas, check out the Program Profiles– click on the highlighted (red) link and scroll to the bottom of the page under Faculty and Research). Your goal is to find someone whose research goals and personality seem to compliment yours. Consider the following: Does the prospective research advisor have experience advising undergraduates? Has he/she advised a UCARE student? If you’re in the sciences, consider the size of the potential lab team. Good mentors are approachable, communicators (good listeners and observers), problem solvers, honest, objective, direct, are well regarded in the discipline/field enthusiastic, and hold high standards.

Schedule a follow-up meeting with your research advisor to discuss benchmarks for your research before you submit your application. Benchmarks include determining your role in the research project, defining any deadlines for completing specific projects, and clarifying expectations with your advisor. These benchmarks will become a part of your acceptance letter, which you will sign with your advisor.

For more information about how to identify a research advisor and discuss a research project, see Find a Research Advisor.

Step 2: Attend a UCARE Application workshop.

These workshops are held in December, January and February.

Step 3: Draft Your Research Abstract.

Prepare your research abstract and review it with your faculty research advisor before you apply. Your research statement will:

  • State the purpose of the research or the problem to be solved.
  • List the research question(s) you will seek to answer.
  • Explain the significance of this research.
  • Describe the method(s) of data gathering or testing of the hypotheses and how the data will be analyzed.
  • List the major benchmarks you’re expected to meet to complete this research project.

For a detailed description of the elements in a research abstract, see Writing Your Research Abstract.

Compose your text ahead of time using a word processor (like MS word) or text editor (like Notepad or TextEdit).

Step 4: Confirm Eligibility and Apply